Youth development certificate

Youth development certificate

National youth program for skills development certificate

This option focuses on programs and services that aid in the personal, physical, social, and educational development of young people. Program developers, executives, and managers who work with youth, families, organizations, and communities are known as youth workers. This option’s coursework focuses on positive youth development, program planning and assessment, working with young people methods, and social factors that both help and hinder young people’s growth. Students who choose this choice look forward to working for non-profit, public, and for-profit organizations that provide youth development opportunities. After-school programs, community programs, camps, outdoor adventure, and church-related recreation programs are examples of possible settings.

Admission process/youth development/job placement

This graduate certificate in Youth and Community Development prepares those working with youth and in related fields to take on more program and leadership roles in youth-serving organizations.
Professionals in social services, education, or youth-serving environments who want to advance their careers by earning a graduate certificate; other professionals who want to transition to working with youth; and professionals who want to pursue a master’s degree in youth and community development.

Weltec bachelor of youth development

The Social and Human Services Program’s mission is to provide future and existing Human Service Professionals with the highest quality education in a learning environment that fosters the development of culturally competent, compassionate, and accountable professionals. Graduates of the program are committed to the autonomy, dignity, and diversity of those they serve.
The Human Services Youth Development Services College Credit Certificate (CCC) is a condensed version of the Social and Human Services Associate in Science Program, Youth Development Track. The CCC is intended to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to work in community, school, residential, and group settings in child, family, and youth service occupations. It provides a foundation for AA students who want to pursue a higher degree in a related field or supplementary training for people who have worked in the human services field previously or currently.

18.01.2013- certificate course for roural youth in

This program prepares people for work as an assistant teacher in a child care center or preschool, or in a family child care program.

Diploma in youth development work (dydw)

This program is offered in a classroom setting as well as online.
1110 ECYD This course covers the basics of working with young children and their families, including theories, philosophies, study, principles, and rules. This course looks at the various roles that people play in the field, as well as the various factors that work with children and families has.
1215 ECYD This course explores the main developmental milestones for children from conception to age eight in the areas of physical, educational, emotional, linguistic, cognitive, and aesthetic/creative development across cultures, both typical and atypical. Students will observe children and examine developmental traits at various stages while studying developmental theory, investigative/observational research methods, and developmentally appropriate practices. The interaction of maturational processes and environmental factors is emphasized in this course. Students must spend approximately 10 hours per semester outside of class time watching young children in community-based early childhood programs in order to complete assignments in this class.

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