Xfinity home security certificate

Xfinity home security certificate

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First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read this and offer to assist. To begin, I should mention that this certificate and sync problem does not affect my Windows devices. I should also mention that this problem did not exist in the previous version of Onenote.
I’ve found that if I switch networks by turning off wifi and switching to AT+T LTE, the problem goes away. Using wifi and connecting to a MiFi over the Verizon wireless network achieves the same result, and OneNote works perfectly. I can do this on all of my devices, including my Macbook, iPad, and iPhone, and I can repeatedly replicate the problem. It appears that simply connecting to my Comcast network causes the certificate and sync issues; again, this is only with Apple devices running the latest version of OneNote.
I went through the OneNote logs and found more cert trust problems. Using a browser to access the OneNote website, I can see that everything works fine and that the certificate in the browser is valid and trusted.
To add to this, I’d like to say a few more things. On my Macbook, I can open the word app and navigate to the OneDrive connector. When I do that, I get the same certificate error. Is it possible that it’s a problem with OneDrive and your Apple device?

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I’m tired of being told one thing and then having something else happen. I make appointments and no one calls or shows up until the fourth or fifth time, at which point they show up and I get a $100 charge on my bill. I like how they don’t care about my time and can charge me whatever they want. My services have never worked properly (I have all of their services), and now that I’ve called about a defective door sensor that’s been on my door for 8 months, they want to charge me for a new one as well as the time it takes to replace it. When I inquired about the 12-month warranty, they stated that since I own the product, they do not have one. Well, I own cars, televisions, and Blu-ray players, all of which come with a manufacturer’s warranty to protect the buyer from defective goods that were intentionally sold that way. According to the law, unless the product is marked “as is” or “no warranty” and it is explained to me and I understand it, it comes with a “implied warranty,” which is legal in all 50 states. I’m tired of paying so much and Comcast failing to deliver on their promises. I’m going to hire a lawyer to help me with this. Please let me know if you are interested in participating. As citizens of the United States, we must protect our rights as consumers and provide excellent service.

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I tried using an Edge browser on a Windows 10 machine and received the same security error. I also tried connecting via a different WiFi network, but that didn’t help. Because I’m in the Boston area, maybe other regional servers will suffice. Otherwise, I’d expect widespread complaints.
Are there any other SSL-enabled websites that work? I recall seeing a report at work from someone who was getting this type of error, and it was caused by their ISP attempting to hijack HTTP/HTTPS requests in order to display a web page informing them that their monthly bandwidth allocation had been exceeded. Captive portals have lost a lot of their appeal as a result of SSL.
Do you have a network firewall or malware scanner that tries to intercept SSL traffic and perform man-in-the-middle malware checks? That could be another reason why it’s happening on so many machines…
I was just looking at the Let’s Encrypt certificate in more detail. It has a long list of SAN hosts (subject alternate names) for a variety of strange domains from all over the world. Let’s Encrypt did not issue SAN or wildcard certificates the last time I looked. According to their website, they have done so since last spring. This is great news for a project I’m working on that requires a wildcard certificate!

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