Verisign code signing certificate

Verisign code signing certificate

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With a Symantec® Code Signing Certificate, you can influence users’ perceptions of your code and reputation by instilling trust and confidence in it. Symantec® is the most trusted Certificate Authority in the Code Signing security industry, with the most advanced Authenticode® Technology and verification to protect software code and content.
With a time-stamped digital signature, the Symantec® Code Signing Certificate protects your code, customer experience, and intellectual property of software and applications, allowing you to deliver the safest code and content to users on the Internet. It can be used to sign various applications and other content with a single certificate, allowing for the delivery of secure content over the internet.
It will encrypt digital signatures and optimize.apk files for Android’s most popular platform. It keeps track of everything automatically, including certificate keys and access to detailed activity reporting through the Symantec Code Signing control panel.

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Symantec also offers VeriSign Code Signing Certificates, which provide the highest levels of protection and verification for downloadable code and applications. You can digitally “shrink wrap” your software with VeriSign Code Signing Certificates to ensure your clients that the software is from a checked publisher and that the code integrity has not been compromised. Code signing certificates are becoming an increasingly important part of the software development process because they facilitate technical compliance with platform suppliers and application storefronts.

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In today’s sensitive online security protocols, Symantec Code Signing Certificate is one of the best tools that helps a software developer by making it easier to keep code, software, drivers, files, firmware, scripts, applications, and other critical files free of errors and warnings.
Symantec Code Signing Certificate is one of the best ways to strengthen the credibility by complying with Microsoft Smart Screen Filter, which ensures users that software is safe to download and use because it comes from an original and verified source.
Symantec’s Code Signing Certificates provide a high level of protection and verification, making it easier to download code and software. You can ensure customers that your software is from a verified publisher and that the integrity of the code has not been tampered with by digitally proofing it like shrink wrap on any product with the help of a Symantec Code Signing Certificate. All main platforms are supported, including 64-bit kernel mode signing.

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To secure your digital information, you’ll need a code signing certificate before you can create a Partner Center account. This certificate is the accepted standard for proving that the code you submit belongs to your company. It lets you digitally sign PE binaries like.exe,.cab,.dll,.ocx,.msi,.xpi, and.xap files.
*Depends on configuration –
Organizations will use Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) in Windows 10 Enterprise edition to identify custom signing specifications. See Planning and Getting Started with the Windows Defender Application Control Deployment Process for more information on WDAC.
(1) Manufacturers using IoT Core to create retail products (i.e. for non-development purposes) must sign a driver agreement. See Cross-Certificates for Kernel Mode Code Signing for a list of authorized Certificate Authorities (CAs). It’s worth noting that if UEFI Secure Boot is activated, drivers must be signed.

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