Swimming lesson certificate

Swimming lesson certificate

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Since 2009, Sharin Griffin has worked as a freelance journalist, specializing in health-related topics. She has worked as a licensed nursing assistant and medical technician in the health-care industry. Griffin’s medical background includes bariatrics and geriatrics, as well as general medicine. Axia University has awarded her an associate degree in health-care management.
Learning to swim as a child or adult is a low-impact aerobic exercise that can last a lifetime. Many pools and YMCA facilities have swim lessons. Men and women must undergo rigorous training and testing in order to become accredited swimming instructors.
Many organizations provide assistance in obtaining swim instructor certification. One of the most well-known organizations that offers swim instructor instruction and certification is the American Red Cross. All applicants must first pass a swimming pre-test, which is followed by training courses and a final written exam. The individual’s ability to pass all courses as well as the length of level 1 training determines the certification level. All teacher trainees are also given CPR training by the American Red Cross.

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Nadyne Siegel-Brown, a survival swim expert, has taught thousands of children how to self-rescue in the event of an underwater disaster and has trained swim school teachers throughout the United States. Nadyne is also the author of the Survival Swimming Instructor Training manual, which is used to teach these skills all over the world.
Breath management, propulsion, floating, rollover breathing, aquatic survival skills, water protection, and troubleshooting issues for students of all ages are all covered in the teacher trainee program.
An vital part of the program is a self-study course on anatomy and physiology, which includes safety instructions for these swimming lessons. New teachers are given a certificate of completion that highlights all of their in-water and academic work. CPR and first aid are required and must be updated on a yearly basis.
Our trainees are motivated to make the most of their in-pool time by engaging with other SwimKids team members for various insights and to learn how to advance the survival program.

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My wife Heather and I were winding down last night by watching reruns of “King of Queens,” when she fell asleep on the couch. I wanted to retire to my bed and leave her to her dreams. Our five-year-old Nolan comes downstairs a few hours later and decides to snuggle up on the sofa with her in the middle of the night. “Can we go upstairs and sleep in your bed?” he asks, after waking her up.
This takes me to the terminology and jargon we use when teaching young children to swim. We use advanced terms all too much in an attempt to please the parents. Although it may sound nice to the parents, our young students frequently do not comprehend what we are trying to communicate to them. “I have no idea what you’re doing to me!” says my 5-year-old Nolan. Learning would be hampered if they don’t understand what we’re saying. Children can learn to swim better if a Swim Instructor uses the K.I.S.S. method (Keep it Easy, Stupid).
Jim Reiser has been awarded the 2015 Virginia Hunt Newman Award by the International Swimming Hall of Fame for his program and approach to teaching babies, toddlers, and children to swim.
In ten years, Jim is the first American to receive the award.

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Despite the fact that I have only attended two classes, Marjan’s bubbly personality puts you at ease right away. The pool was not very busy during the lessons, which is a positive thing (as opposed to public pools) for those who are nervous.
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My son has been taking swimming lessons at Blue Wave in Wimbledon for many years and loves them. The teaching is excellent, and the lessons are well-organized. It helps him get ready for when we actually get to go on vacation again!
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Strongly suggested
My son went to improve his swimming skills, and his coach was extremely helpful, kind, and compassionate with him. The school itself is warm and inviting, and all of the students feel comfortable there. It’s something I’d strongly suggest.
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Excellent outcomes
My 4-year-old son and I were looking for weekend swimming lessons in a pleasant atmosphere that would yield positive results. We decided on Blue Wave Swim after doing some research. At the end of 2018, our son has been taking private lessons and is making excellent progress. We agree that the team’s professionalism, the clean and tidy infrastructure, and the management’s good care are all factors in his growth and trust in the water. Blue Wave Swim, thank you very much!

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