Supervisory certificate

Supervisory certificate

Importance of supervisory certificate in pec

Unemployed engineers registered with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) have a fantastic opportunity. All such registered engineers are eligible to apply for a supervisory certificate in order to work for PEC-registered companies. On a first-come, first-served basis, applications will be considered.
This Supervisory Certificate will be issued for work with PEC-registered construction/operations companies in order to provide practical/field training to young officers. All Registered Engineers who are hired on the basis of their Supervisory Certificate must use the opportunity to the fullest extent possible.
All such Registered Engineers who graduated in the years 2019 and 2020 but were unable to find work in any department, organization, or firm may apply for the issuance of a Supervisory Certificate for the fiscal year (2020/21) by following the steps below:

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You will be informed via email if you have been accepted into the program and given instructions on how to register for the next available Fundamentals of Supervision workshop. This full-day workshop is the first of five required core courses, and it serves as a prerequisite for the remaining four. Participants are free to take as many electives as they want, but only two are required for program completion. Electives (except level II) may be taken in any order by the student.
“The Supervisory Certificate Program assisted me in realizing my potential for leadership success. Each course instilled self-confidence and encouraged the growth of my professional skills in its own unique way. Group activities offered an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues while also putting new skills and principles learned during SCP to use.”

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The UC Merced Supervisory Certificate Program is a flexible, performance-based learning program that was developed and successfully implemented at UC San Francisco and other UC campuses to provide supervisors and supervisor aspirants with the opportunity to improve supervisory skills. This program has been tailored to the needs of UC Merced supervisors and managers.
This program improves critical thinking, delegation, coaching, expectation setting, communications, organizational consciousness, team leadership, and human resource management skills. The program promotes developmental communication between the participant and his or her manager in order to facilitate learning transfer to the workplace.
The Supervisory Certificate Program at UC Merced is designed for newly assigned supervisors as well as experienced supervisors who want to improve their supervisory abilities.
Those interested in becoming supervisors are welcome to attend.
Regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in the UC Merced Supervisory Certificate Program, all qualified UC Merced employees are welcome to attend. Download the Supervisory Certificate Program’s electronic brochure (PDF Format).

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Many local school districts are also requiring supervisory certification when hiring district coordinators, supervisors, and department heads. The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, one of KU’s most popular graduate programs, is the degree that most closely matches the Supervisory Certificate courses. Graduate students can receive both the M.Ed. and the Supervisory Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction by carefully choosing courses.
Teachers may begin coursework toward the supervisory certificate as soon as they join the program, but they will not be able to complete it until they have recorded five years of successful teaching in their area of certification. A chief school administrator must verify this requirement with a written notification on school letterhead.

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