Streamlined sales and use tax agreement certificate of exemption

Streamlined sales and use tax agreement certificate of exemption

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This SSUTA is the result of 44 states, the District of Columbia, local governments, and the business community working together to make sales and use tax collection and administration easier and more uniform for retailers and states.
The SSUTA reduces the costs and administrative burdens faced by retailers who collect sales tax, especially those who do business in multiple states. It allows “remote sellers” to collect tax on sales to consumers in the Streamlined Member States through the Internet and mail order. It creates a level playing field by requiring local “brick-and-mortar” stores and remote vendors to follow the same set of rules. This agreement ensures that all retailers can conduct business in a competitive and equitable environment.
The National Governors Association (NGA) and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) launched the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Project in the fall of 1999 to make sales tax collection easier.
General sales and gross receipts taxes account for over 33% of all state tax revenues, according to the US Census Bureau. The sales tax is the second-largest source of revenue for the state, after personal income taxes.

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The state of South Dakota depends heavily on tax revenues to help provide essential public services to its citizens, such as public safety and transportation, as well as health care and education.

The benefits of streamlined sales tax (sst)

All retail sales, including the sale, lease, or rental of tangible personal property or any product transferred electronically, as well as the sale of services, are subject to the sales tax. The sales and use tax rate in the state is 4.5 percent. Please see our Sales Tax Guide for more information on sales tax (PDF).
Any company with a physical presence in South Dakota must obtain a sales tax collection license. The sale of tangible personal property, any goods transferred electronically, or services are all considered gross sales or transactions. Businesses with a physical presence in South Dakota are exempt from the minimum thresholds mentioned below. If a company does not have a physical presence in South Dakota and meets one or both of the following requirements in the previous or current calendar year, South Dakota law requires it to obtain a sales tax license and pay applicable sales tax.

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Certificates of Exemption

Streamlined sales and use tax agreement certificate of exemption 2021

Exemption certificates should not be sent to the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board or the states. Purchasers should give their supplier the completed exemption certificate and keep a copy for their records. To use the Streamlined Exemption Certificate, you do not need to be registered with the Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System.
Some states may accept your company’s SSTID when buying items for resale if you’ve registered through the Streamlined Registration system.
To find out if your SSTID will be accepted on the Exemption Certificate, contact the state or download and review the Exemption Certificate Streamlined Member State Survey Results.
Is it necessary for me to make and keep paper copies of my clients’ exemption certificates?
You must either keep a fully completed exemption certificate or electronically capture and store the standard data elements from the certificate. Rule 317.1.A.10 of the SSTGB)
Shipments that are dropped
When a seller sells a product, the seller then purchases the item from a third party and has the third party ship the product directly to the seller’s customer, this is known as “drop shipping.”
A drop shipper is the term for a third-party provider.
This explains how shipments of tangible personal property originating in a Streamlined Full Member State are taxed in the Streamlined Full Member State. Sellers with drop-shipped goods in other states should verify with those states.

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The Commission has created a Uniform Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate, which 36 states have stated can be used for resale.

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The Certificate itself includes instructions for use, a list of States that have indicated to the Commission that a properly completed form meets their requirements for a valid resale certificate, and special criteria and restrictions for its use.
You can contact the state’s revenue department for information on whether or not the certificate will be accepted in that state. Links to revenue department websites can be found on the Multistate Tax Commission’s Member States page.

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