School counselor certificate program

School counselor certificate program

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The School Counseling Certificate program is intended to help School Counselors meet state and national requirements. According to the New Jersey Department of Education and CACREP, the national accrediting body, this program meets the highest professional standards. This certificate will give you the extra credit hours you’ll need to get your NJ School Counselor Certification. Through the Educational Leadership program area, the Department also offers a Director of School Counseling certification program.

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With our online school counseling certification preparation program for master’s degree holders, you will contribute to the growth and development of young people as a school counselor. This National Model-aligned program from the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) offers a comprehensive curriculum in a flexible format.
You’ll have the skills, experience, and practical counseling techniques you need to obtain certification as an Elementary and Secondary School Counselor (PreK-12) in Pennsylvania after completing your school counseling certification program.
Certification: This program was created to meet the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s certification requirements. If you live in another state, you should review the certification criteria in your home state before enrolling in this program. Please see our Program Licensure Requirement page for more information.
The program teaches students of all ages how to use counseling methods to help them with their academic, career, and social/emotional development. It urges you to adopt a reflective practitioner approach, in which you evaluate your own performance on a regular basis and seek ongoing professional growth. You’ll also become a member of the school’s educational practitioner community, working with families and other educators in your efforts to assist students.

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(e) A professional pupil services license, valid for five years* and applicable to all levels of learners, shall be issued to an individual of good moral character who has completed the following:
(1) Has completed an approved program of preparation** and is recommended by the dean or head of teacher education, has passed a State Board of Education examination, and has demonstrated the education and experience requirements listed below.
I Master’s degree and two years of successful teaching experience under a standard teacher certificate, provisional or professional teacher license, and successful completion of a six-hour internship in a school setting; or (ii) Master’s degree, successful completion of a six-hour internship in a school setting, and a one-year interdisciplinary internship.
(b) Permit for Temporary Pupil Service. If the vacancy has been advertised with the Ohio Department of Education for two weeks and no properly licensed and suitable candidate has been identified by the employing district, a temporary pupil service license may be issued to an individual who demonstrates a currently valid license as specified below.

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The course focuses on the expertise and skills that professional school counselors need to effectively support student adjustment and achievement during the consulting/collaboration process. Collaboration for school improvement, program implementation, and collaboration with parents, educators, and community professionals are all encouraged. Enrollment in the School Counseling Distance Program or instructor permission is required.
In this course, you will learn how to practice counseling in a school setting. Individual and group counseling relationships are emphasized for improvement and evaluation. Developing skills in applying the counselor’s role in the school setting. COUN 501, COUN 510, and COUN 530 are required, or permission of the instructor; 10 COUN credits are required. Repeatable for a total of four credits. S/U grading system. SS,S.
This course provides an overview of counseling theories and strategies that are suitable for ethnic and non-ethnic minority clients in the United States. The values of different cultural groups will be investigated. A group experience in class is included.

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