Saso certificate

Saso certificate

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Importers must obtain an SASO Certificate from a surveillance body authorized by the SASO in order to demonstrate compliance with the SASO standard specifications for goods imported into Saudi Arabia. For each consignment of goods subject to a pre-installation surveillance program, the exporter obtains an SASO Certificate.
Date of Manufacture, Shipping Method and Date, Port of Arrival, Product Amount, Invoice Amount, Production Location, Importer and Exporter Addresses, Product Description (Design / Brand / Model)
When the inspection is over, the unit issues an online completion certificate, which is then submitted to the company for review and approval. When the firm approves the document via the system, an e-signed document is produced and submitted to the company through the internet, and billing is completed. The paper is often transmitted as a wet signature if the firm demands it.

Saber saleem – new saso – how it works – learning video

[February 2020 update] Saudi Arabia has implemented a new scheme, known as SABER, for the registration of products and the issuance of Certificates of Conformity Certificates prior to import after the publication of this post. Please take a look at SABER and get in touch with Mouse & Bear if you have any questions.
If you want to import products into Saudi Arabia, you’ll need to learn how to get an SASO Certificate, but first, we’ll walk you through some useful information to get you started.
Every country has legislation in place to ensure that imported products meet those requirements. National security, quality, health, financial, safety, and social accountability requirements are among them. However, some countries lack the infrastructure to conduct the required testing and inspection of imported products to ensure that they comply with these regulations once they arrive.
In these situations, they enlist the support of third-party companies like Intertek to provide the requisite testing, inspection, and certification services. Prior to importation, this ensures that the products comply with the country’s import regulations.

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As part of the Saudi Arabia Conformity Assessment Program, exporters of goods to Saudi Arabia are likely to be allowed to obtain an SASO Certificate of Conformity in order for their goods to clear Saudi customs.
The Saudi Arabia Conformity Assessment Program, managed by SASO (Saudi Arabia Standards Organization), is a program that requires products for export to Saudi Arabia to go through a process of conformity evaluation, inspection, and certification before being allowed into the country. The aim of the program, which is run by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, is to ensure that products exported to Saudi Arabia are safe and suitable for use there.
The CoC (Certificate of Conformity), also known as the SASO CoC, is a certificate necessary to clear customs for each consignment or batch of certain imported goods. It certifies that the consignment complies with applicable technical regulations and/or SASO’s requirements. The consignment is deemed secure and appropriate for use in Saudi Arabia once it has been authorised.

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The Certificate of Conformity (CoC) scheme of the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO) ensures that all goods entering Saudi Arabia meet national product protection and quality specifications.
To prove product conformity and clear the shipment from the port, importers must present SASO conformity certification at customs. The scheme covers all categories of goods, with the exception of a limited number of non-regulated items.
Technical experts analyze all of the documentation submitted in order to determine the product’s completeness and conformity with the SASO Technical Regulation and relevant requirements.

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