Ricca certificate of analysis

Ricca certificate of analysis

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Sodium Thiosulfate solutions are almost always used to standardize Iodine solutions or to act as back-titrants in Iodine titrations. Potassium Dichromate or Potassium Iodate solutions, which produce Iodine from Iodide, are widely used to standardize Sodium Thiosulfate solutions. The whole story…
Please enter the Product Code below to find a Safety Data Sheet for your product. NOTE: The catalog number on the above label is made up of the Product Code and the Tail Code, as shown in the diagram:

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Perchloric acid is one of the most powerful acids ever discovered. In nonaqueous titrations of amines and other organic bases, as well as salts of organic acids, solutions of perchloric acid in glacial acetic acid are commonly used (which act as bases in Glacial Acetic Acid). The whole story…
Alternatively, go to the Product Search box and type in the desired catalog number with Product Search chosen. Find and pick the product or catalog number you’re looking for. Both the C of A and the SDS have icons in the top right corner of the product page. This C of A would be a spec sheet, not a lot-specific C of A. If you need the C of A for a lot on the shelf, go to the product page and click on Lots Available, which will take you to the lots that are available and in stock. There is an icon on the right hand side that will take you to the C of A for that lot.

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Karl Fischer Reagents for Moisture Analysis are now available from RICCA Chemical Company. The Coulometric and Volumetric Reagents in the product line are all designed for high performance and consistent results. Ethanol and fuels, as well as fats and oils, as well as general organic chemicals, are all supported by our reagents. Volumetric Reagents are available for one-component and two-component titrations, as well as solvents that are compatible with a wide range of sample types. Coulometric Reagents are available for both diaphragm and non-diaphragm titration cells. To ensure quick, reliable, and repeatable results, specialized reagents are designed to better analyze samples insoluble in Methanol.
With our line of VeriSpecTM certified reference materials, Ricca Chemical Company now offers AA, ICP, and Ion Chromatography Standards that meet ISO Guide 34 and ISO 17025 standards, ensuring that our products provide precise and accurate results for our customers.

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California has made a significant commitment to improving students’ reading skills and performance through the California Reading Initiative. Education Code Section 44283, which is at the heart of the California Reading Initiative’s efforts to increase teacher candidates’ preservice preparation, is a key component. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) must “develop, implement, and administer a reading instruction competence assessment… to measure an individual’s understanding, abilities, and ability relative to successful reading instruction,” according to the legislation. The CTC hired Evaluation Systems to help with the development, administration, and scoring of this test, known as the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment® (RICA®).
Reading instruction aims to cultivate knowledgeable, thoughtful readers who can use, interpret, and appreciate a wide range of texts. Beginning teachers must be able to provide students with effective reading instruction.

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