Research certificate

Research certificate

Clinical research conduct and management certificate

Students would have gained critical skills and knowledge about the elements and value of good clinical research design, implementation, and practices after completing this course. This opportunity would support clinical and health practitioners of all types, including doctors, research nurses, study coordinators, clinical research and site management administrators, and professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors, as well as CRO and SMO organizations.

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Medical professionals conducting and working on clinical research trials will benefit from the Clinical Research Certificate Program, which offers non-degree training. Basic epidemiology and biostatistics, clinical trial design, database creation, practical aspects of study behavior, research ethics, and regulatory enforcement are all covered in these courses.
The registration period for the academic year 2020-2021 is now closed. For the time being, we are unable to consider any additional students. The application period for the academic year 2021-2022 will begin on June 14, 2021.
Non-Credit Registration: This choice is only open to clinical fellows, residents, and medical students associated with the University of Pennsylvania PSOM. When you choose the non-credit option, you’ll pay a lower price. The University of Pennsylvania does not offer active/registered student status to non-credit participants.
Individuals who choose to receive University of Pennsylvania credit for Certificate Program courses will be officially enrolled via the University’s Student Record System, given active student status, and paid full course tuition.

Certificate program in clinical research conduct and

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Arizona State University is a public university located in Tempe, Arizona

Certificate of advanced study in research methods

Graduate Degree of Advanced Analytics in Higher Education

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This online curriculum trains professionals to perform applied analytics in support of data-driven decision making in higher and postsecondary education across both academic and organizational fields. Analytic process models, data preparation, data mining, predictive analytics, and data visualization are among the topics covered in the course, as well as context, security, and ethical considerations. Ball State University is a public university in the state of Indiana Graduate Diploma of Foreign Relations The interdisciplinary IR Graduate Certificate Program at Ball State University provides students with the requisite skills and experiences to enter the field of institutional study. Students will learn from a globally known IR pioneer and former president of Baruch CollegeMSEd in Higher Education Administration during the program. Baruch College’s Master of Science in Education in Higher Education Administration is designed to meet the needs of higher education professionals looking to advance their careers. Students have two choices for completing their assignments.

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Our Credential Programs are focused on the National Institutes of Health’s expectations for a well-trained and successful clinical and translational science workforce. Alumni of the programs are using these Certificates in their CVs and research grant applications to highlight advanced training in clinical and translational health research. Please consider integrating our credential programs into your preparation plans if you are a scholar planning to apply for one of our Career Development Awards!
Professionals in health care, biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical industry will earn a certificate in Fundamentals of Clinical Science, which includes rigorous training and a practicum in research design and statistical analysis. The credential program provides 13–14 credits of instruction in study design and statistical analysis for clinical research to current and prospective clinical researchers.
To be eligible for entry to the Clinical Research Capstone Certificate Program, all students must apply to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This credential does not require GRE ratings, but it does require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree since the mandatory courses are graduate level.

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