Rabies vaccination certificate

Rabies vaccination certificate

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All dogs entering the United States from high-risk countries (see Rabies vaccine certificate required when entering these countries) must have a valid rabies certificate proving they have been fully immunized and vaccinated against rabies. The rabies vaccine takes 28 days to fully immunize and protect your dog. Any papers must be filled out by the veterinarian who administered the rabies vaccine and must be written in English or have a certified English translation. At the time of arrival, all documents must be complete and correct.

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The lessons below are intended for pet owners who plan to travel with their dogs as well as airport staff who are in charge of accepting dogs for air travel. After reviewing this lesson, you will have a better understanding of the factors that can help dogs travel safely. To learn how to prepare for your dog’s safety while flying, follow these steps: 1) go online and read the instructions, 2) watch the movie, or 3) go through the practice activities below.

Traveling with dogs to the united states

The standards vary slightly depending on whether you’re bringing a cat or a dog.

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If you’re taking a cat to Canada, you can do one of two things:

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If you’re taking a dog to Canada, you’ll need to show proof of rabies vaccination.

Pets too young for the rabies vaccination

The following are the specifications for both certificates.
If your cat is from a rabies-free country, the veterinary certificate must include the following information:
A competent government authority is a veterinary agency or other government agency that oversees a country’s animal health and welfare situation and is in charge of veterinary certification for international trade purposes. The paper may be one of the following:

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