Puppy adoption certificate

Puppy adoption certificate

Adoption papers surprise compilation #1 january 2017

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The happiest day of my furry life was when I was adopted! I couldn’t stop licking the faces of my new family because it was so exciting to be brought home! It’s a day I’ll never forget, and I’m sure it’s the same for my relatives.
Filling out your own Certificate of Adoption is a fun way to keep this memory alive forever. It’s a fun keepsake that can be framed or saved in a scrapbook or photo album. You can fill out your own copy by downloading and printing it from the links below. It’s so easy to fill out that you can even make it a fun activity for the kids. For boy dogs, there’s a blue and green version, and for girly girls like me, there’s a pretty pink and orange version!
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On September 15, 2016, the Adoption Certificate was launched as a feature for Pets. A certificate will be given to every pet owned by a Jammer. In the My Pets section of the Change Your Look menu, next to the pet, on the pet’s trading icon, and when the pet is previewed on Player Card, a button to view the certificate appears.
The background of each certificate is tan with red borders. The certificate has a red banner across the top that says “Certificate of Adoption” in white letters. The certificate has a red swirling pattern on the corners and red stripes on the sides. A red rectangle on the certificate’s left side features an animated image of the pet, with a red stripe below it displaying the pet’s name in white letters. The adoption date and three pet characteristics are printed in red letters on the certificate’s right side. A blue ribbon with a pawprint is located at the bottom of the right side.
Each certificate lists three characteristics about the pet. The player cannot change these attributes because they are generated when the certificate is created. Aside from the certificate, attributes have no effect on gameplay.

Things you need for a new dog or puppy | petsmart

Only Adobe Reader can open the files! Make sure you’re using the most recent full version of Adobe Reader, which you can get for free at http://get.adobe.com/reader/. * Adobe Reader, not Preview, is required for MAC users to open files.
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Most little girls dream of having a puppy at some point in their lives, so throwing a Puppy Adoption Party is a great way for her and her friends to ‘adopt’ a puppy – albeit a fluffy one for now! Because no puppy adoption party is complete without adoption certificates, we’ve created a completely editable version for you to use at your adoption station. This design is the perfect way to honor your little girl’s birthday while also welcoming a new fluffy friend into your toy collection!

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