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Production certificate

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Point Blank is proud to be ahead of the curve in delivering a great student experience whether on campus or online as a result of lockdown (and critically, looking beyond the coronavirus pandemic as well), and are delighted to include all of the exclusive features for students mentioned here.
The Music Production Certificate is a six-month program designed specifically for music producers.
As you immerse yourself in the world of music, you’ll choose between Logic Pro and Ableton Live, with a strong practical aspect of learning. You’ll hear from music producers who’ve collaborated with Armin Van Buuren, Bjork, Depeche Mode, and others during studio mentoring sessions with A&R Director Kwame Kwaten. Explore this intensive program to help you get started in the music industry.
Learn more about our music production, mixing, sound design, DJing, singing, songwriting, music business, and other classes at Point Blank. Our live Virtual Open Days last about an hour and include key teachers, exclusive track deconstructions, and free Ableton Live 10 Suite prize draws worth over £500. In addition, all attendees will have access to an exclusive Ableton Live Track Deconstruction project. Our Course Advisors, Admissions Staff, and Student Representatives will be available to answer your questions. To view the timetable and RSVP for the next London Open Day, please click here.

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This 16-credit certificate program is intended to develop core manufacturing production competencies in order to prepare students for internships and entry-level manufacturing positions. The MFT coursework listed below will prepare you for an industry-recognized certification exam. The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council will accept students who pass all four assessments as Certified Production Technicians (MSSC).
Description: This course introduces students to the manufacturing industry and offers special instruction to help them work safely in industrial settings. Introduces mechatronics, precision machining, and welding as industrial specializations. Fire safety, pressurized gases, electrical hazards, and safe machine operation are all covered. Students can also learn about OSHA regulations. The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council will offer students the chance to receive the Safety Certification (MSSC).
Provides an overview of quality control and improvement in a manufacturing environment. This article investigates how manufacturers use data and analysis to improve quality. The Manufacturing Skills Standards Council will offer students the opportunity to obtain Quality and Measurement Certifications (MSSC).

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The digital cinema production certificate will teach you the basics of storytelling. Screenwriting, producing, directing, cinematography and sound, editing, and other related fields are covered by certificate students. They learn how to use the aesthetic and technical tools of moving-image storytelling, make creative decisions, collaborate effectively, and adhere to industry standards. Undergraduates interested in careers in film, television, documentary, and internet-based media should consider the digital cinema production certificate.
The digital cinema production certificate is advised by academic advisers from the Department of Communication Arts. They will assist you in learning more about the certificate, determining eligibility, declaring the certificate, and reviewing the criteria. For more information on advice, go to the Communication Arts website.
The career community adviser for communications, arts, and entertainment helps students with career planning, such as researching career opportunities, learning internship and job search strategies, and writing resumes and cover letters.

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The Independent Music Production Certificate, designed for independent artists, lyric authors, composers, and music producers, prepares students to work on the creative side of the music industry, composing, making, and recording music in their home studio and marketing it themselves. The program includes music industry, songwriting, and production, encompassing not only the creative skills required to complete projects from start to finish, but also the marketing skills required to promote and sell completed works on their own.
Additional Materials Needed:
Students studying music production should have access to a project studio where they can produce and record demos. UCLA Extension certificate students can get a discount on computer hardware and software at the UCLA Store.
Unless otherwise stated, all courses in this program are paid for separately. To be considered for this program, you must fill out an application form. Complete the online application and pay the application fee if applicable by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button.

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