Principal certificate

Principal certificate

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This program of study satisfies the academic requirements of the New Jersey Department of Education for students seeking the Certificate of Eligibility for NJ Principal. To seek the Post-Principal Master’s Certification option, applicants must have a Master’s Degree or higher.
This 30-credit sequence of courses is available in both entirely online and hybrid formats (hybrid format denotes part-time online and part-time face-to-face instruction). Candidates must complete five years of eligible teaching or educational services experience by the end of their program to receive the NJ Principal Endorsement. Students may also complete the state-mandated 300-hour administrative internship as part of the program. Students must also pass the School Leaders Licensure Assessment to earn the Principal’s Certificate (SLLA).
The holder of this endorsement is qualified to work as a principal, assistant principal, vice principal, director, or assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.
Note that this program includes the criteria for the NJ Supervisor Certificate.

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The goal of our principal certificate program is to cultivate education leaders with character and integrity who are motivated by a sense of equity and justice in order to raise student achievement. The program, which draws on the fields of education and management, provides leaders with expertise in instructional, institutional, and public leadership, all of which are based on ethics, inquiry, and honesty. Through academic rigor in the classroom, real experiences in schools, and reflective opportunities for integrating personal and professional development, the program facilitates the transition from teacher leadership to administrative leadership.

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You want to assist school leaders in overcoming these challenges. You know that the principal is an important part of the educational process. You’re dedicated to improving community conditions and have the bravery to confront difficult problems, working together with peers, administrators, and parents to achieve school, district, and state objectives.
Seattle Pacific University was founded more than 125 years ago, and for more than 90 years, it has been preparing some of the region’s most sought-after educators. Admission to graduate programs in the School of Education is extremely competitive today. Faculty members, each of whom teaches his or her own courses and holds a doctorate, have collaborated to create rigorous quality programs.
You will be referred to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) for a Residency Program Administrator Certificate in Washington state if you complete the program successfully. The majority of states have mutual agreements that allow certificates to be transferred from one state to the next.

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Every large institution, including America’s schools, requires strong, convincing leaders to shape and guide goals, objectives, and direction. Many people think of schools as hectic, fast-paced environments that require vision and leadership to function properly.
Effective principals, assistant principals, and other school officials are critical to advancing America’s educational goals and needs. However, not just anyone would decide to become the principal of a school one day.
Potential school principals must demonstrate their ability to lead in difficult times and provide the support and constructive criticism needed to improve their faculty members’ teaching strategies before becoming leaders.
The certification process for school administrators assesses a prospective school principal’s organizational skills and educational experience. A prospective principal will demonstrate that they are effective agents of positive growth and change in their schools by earning certification.

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