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Prek certificate

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The Primary Plus: PreK-4 Teacher Certification Program prepares students to work collaboratively with parents and other professionals while teaching young children ages 4 to 9 in Pre-kindergarten and K-4 classrooms. Students will gain skills that will enable them to work in public and private schools, as well as early childhood centers.
The Primary Plus: PreK-4 Teacher Certification Program is designed for people with a variety of undergraduate degrees and professional experiences. Students will gain an integrated understanding of academic content and child development in diverse inclusive environments through coursework and field experiences with prekindergarteners and children in grades K-4.
Students who complete Primary Plus can apply 18 credits toward a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education or an online Master of Education in Elementary Education.
Experiential Learning: Candidates are put in two different educational settings during their time in the program. The candidates work three days a week in a PreK or K classroom with a mentor teacher and a campus supervisor in the fall. Throughout the semester, the candidates assist the mentor teacher, eventually taking over full teaching duties by the end of the semester. Candidates also spend one day a week in a K-4 elementary classroom in the fall, progressing from observation to general classroom support. In the spring, the candidates return to the same elementary classroom for a semester of full-time student teaching.

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School social work is a specialized field of practice that works with children, adolescents, and their families in educational settings. Using micro, mezzo, and macro methods, social workers in school systems provide services to students to increase their mental well-being and academic performance. You will not only gain the foundational credentials required by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to work as a special services provider (SSP) in the PreK-12 setting by earning this certificate, but you will also gain additional specialized coursework that will improve your job marketability.
With technical knowledge of policy and intervention, you will finish this certificate poised as a strong competitor for school social work positions, exceptionally prepared to face the special challenges of this climate.
This is the only certificate in the state that offers a curriculum that is so specifically tailored to the needs of school social workers, covering subjects such as:

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Teachers in pre-kindergarten, or pre-kindergarten, work with children aged 3 to 5. Teachers must have completed child care training in areas such as safety, child development, and program management, as well as certification, and must meet experience requirements.
The Child Development Associate is a national certification for pre-kindergarten teachers (CDA). The CDA for teaching, which is available through the Council for Professional Recognition, is included in all but one state’s rules for licensing childcare facilities. Eligibility requirements include both experience and training.
Teachers must have a high school diploma or a GED to qualify for the CDA. They must have worked with children for 480 hours in the five years leading up to the application. They may also have completed 120 clock hours of approved child care education courses during that period.
Applicants to the Montessori teacher training program in the United States must have a bachelor’s degree. Under certain conditions, this obligation can be waived. The primary teacher education program, also known as Casa dei Bambini, follows a set curriculum. The courses are worth graduate credit.

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Preschoolers and kindergarteners will enjoy receiving graduation certificates and class awards at the end of the school year. It’s a unique keepsake full of memories. Every time their parent sees their child’s graduation diploma or character award, they’ll be reminded of how special that moment was for them.
It’s fun to have a time set aside to spend with your students and their families before they move on to the next season in life, whether it’s an end of the year celebration or a formal preschool or kindergarten graduation.
Preschool graduations take on a variety of forms. Some are laid-back, others are musical, and still others are full of pomp and circumstance. If singing is part of your graduation plans, we have some great songs for you. We also adore Angela at Teaching Mama’s printable songs, which are super simple to learn.
It doesn’t matter to me if you do it in a formal ceremony with a stage, an informal gathering as a class, or simply print them out and place them in student folders to take home. Because each school is unique, you can do what works best for you.

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