Post baccalaureate certificate in medical laboratory science

Post baccalaureate certificate in medical laboratory science

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The medical laboratory science certificate from Saint Louis University is for students who have already earned an undergraduate degree in another field and are looking for a career change.
Each program consists of two semesters of undergraduate didactic coursework followed by a clinical practicum that lasts between five and seven weeks. The average program lasts 12 to 18 months to complete.
Medical laboratory science certificate holders are prepared to conduct and oversee a wide range of laboratory tests. Individuals’ health status is assessed, diseases are diagnosed, and treatment effectiveness is monitored using the results of these tests.
Some graduates of this certificate program continue their education in medical school, graduate school, and other professional programs in addition to working in diagnostic, research, and other laboratories.
The number of students accepted into each certificate program is determined by the availability of practicum placement sites. No student will be admitted to the program until a clinical placement for practicum experiences has been obtained.

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For professional credentialing, the Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science requires a minimum of 57 credit hours of professional coursework. Students may complete the professional curriculum on a part-time basis, despite the fact that it is delivered in person and must be completed in order. However, there is no option to enroll only in the evenings. The program requires six weeks of clinical practice in the final semester of enrollment, in addition to professional coursework. Students are not required to complete general education requirements because this is not a degree program. For a complete overview of admission requirements and curriculum, please consult the program’s curriculum guide.

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Students who complete the program are eligible to sit for the national certification exam for medical laboratory scientists. To work as a medical laboratory scientist in a clinical laboratory, most employers require certification. Due to a critical shortage of accredited medical laboratory technologists across the country, market demand has resulted in higher wages.
Since October 31, 2017, the MLS Program has been accredited for a period of ten years (through 2027).
The maximum time period for accreditation cycles is represented by this award. The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), a nonprofit organization that accredits clinical laboratory science programs independently, is the accrediting agency. (1) the self-study process; (2) the site visit process; (3) assessment by a review committee; and (4) evaluation by the Board of Directors are the main steps in NAACLS’ programmatic accreditation process. Standards, which are the minimum criteria used when assessing programmatic accreditation, underpin the entire accreditation process and subsequent assessment.

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Students with baccalaureate degrees in chemical or biological sciences who wish to pursue licensure or certification in clinical laboratory science may enroll in the post-baccalaureate certificate program in Clinical Laboratory Science. Individuals who complete the program are prepared to work in the areas of chemistry, microbiology, immunohematology, hematology, and immunology in clinical laboratories. Clinical experiences at community laboratories are incorporated into the curriculum and are beneficial to your professional development. The NAACLS has accredited the program (5600 N. River Road, Suite 720, Rosemont, IL 60018, 773-714-8880). Requirements in General
Additional Requirements for Graduation
Detailed Information
Courses that are required (39 credits)
Each course requires a minimum grade of C (not C-).
CLS 3038 MLS 3038 MLS 3038 MLS 3038 MLS 3038 MLS 3038 (3)
Biological Fluid Analysis (MLS 3220) (2)
Molecular Diagnostics (MLS 4191) (3)
Hematology/Hemostasis (MLS 4308) (3)
MLS 4462 Diagnostic VMP (3)MLS 4404 Diagnostic Microbiology (3)MLS 4404 Diagnostic Microbiology (3)MLS 4404 Diagnostic Microbiology (3)MLS 4404 Diagnostic Micro (3)
Clinical Immunology (MLS 4505) (2)
Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine (MLS 4550) (3)
Clinical Biochemistry (MLS 4627) (3)
(3)MLS 4821C Clinical Microbiology Practicu MLS 4820C Clinical Biochemistry Practicu (3)
Clinical Hematology Practicum (MLS 4822C) (3)
Clinical Immunohematology Practice MLS 4823C (3)
Clinical Immunology Practicum (MLS 4826C) (2)
a catalogue Dates: 2020-2021 Hours in a Semester 39 hours are required.

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