Porsche certificate of authenticity

Porsche certificate of authenticity

1961 porsche 356 b 1600 cabriolet by reutter

To check the authenticity of your Porsche car, fill out the form below to schedule an inspection with Certified Porsche Technicians. You will be able to buy an official Porsche Certificate of Authenticity if your assessment has been completed successfully. For more information and pricing, contact your local Porsche Center.
* Only at participating Porsche Centres in Canada is this offer valid. This offer cannot be combined with any other. To be eligible for the production of a Certificate of Authenticity, a Porsche car must have passed a successful inspection at a Porsche Centre. Please allow four to six weeks for certificate processing. This offer is only good until December 15, 2017. MSRP plus applicable provincial taxes; however, prices may vary by Porsche Center. Please check prices with a participating Porsche Center when making an appointment.

1976 porsche 911/930 turbo carrera coupe

Hello there, everyone!

1975 porsche 911 carrera targa 2.7

Can anyone tell me where I can get a Porsche certificate with all the details about my car? I’ve decided to sell one of my Porsche 914s, and I’d like a certificate stating that it’s a numbers matching vehicle. Thank you, Bill.
They seem to be getting worse. In the old days, the engine would have the numbers that came with the car… then they’d ask you for numbers, and they’d just check to see if they were accurate… and then they’d take whatever numbers you offered them. All of this is to say that having a COA (PPS) from a previous owner is going to be valuable to the next owner.
(Racer at 11:06 a.m. on December 16th, 2019) They seem to be getting worse. All of this is to say that having a COA (PPS) from a previous owner is going to be valuable to the next owner. However, given the (lack of) information now available, it is of little value if you intend to keep it.
Porsche’s attitude on this reminds me of long-running rock bands selling cheesy t-shirts during intermission. They’ve amassed their fortunes, but they still want to milk their loyalists for a few more dollars. I don’t need a t-shirt to prove I went to a concert, and I don’t need a COA (or whatever they call it these days) to prove I own the genuine 914 in my garage. Is it possible that it was made in a Chinese sweatshop like a fake Rolex? I don’t think so. Could it be a kit car? I don’t think anyone is making kits of Porsche’s most reviled model. If Porsche cared about its fans and enthusiasts, it would provide them with as much production and delivery information as possible in a single document for a fair price. Give me a break if they offer a hands-on inspection by one of their so-called “classic experts.” That “expert” is probably some millennial they sent to a one-week seminar to teach him that his company did, in fact, make cars before the Cayenne. Ansbacher (Ansbacher) is a German

1974 porsche 911 carrera 2.7 coupe

Hello everyone, with the unfortunate death of the Certificate of Authenticity, I’ve just heard from Porsche that they now issue a Letter of Origin for a pre-97 vehicle for the princely sum of GBP65. I’m just curious as to whether it’s worthwhile to accompany the car. I understand that Ferrari’s Classiche are exorbitantly priced (surprise, surprise), but is this the tipping point for our Porsche Klassics?
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1965 porsche 911 slate grey

When I went to see a dealer today, I was told that all dealers had been told not to process after December 7, 2018, and that there would be no more. It’s difficult to believe / accept; surely there would have been a louder outcry here and elsewhere. It appears that it isn’t just the FOC ones. Even more aggravating, I sent my paperwork to the dealership on October 19th. To be honest, it’s one of the reasons I joined the club in the first place. Similarly, the build certificate was the deciding factor in joining. I joined at Ragley Hall and was not informed that the form would be due in a certain amount of time. This is similar to PPI in that it was mis-sold and misled. Is there a lawyer on this board? No fee if you don’t win…
It’s not quite the PPI scandal, and it’s probably not something the club could have predicted. I suppose we all pay a price for getting our data secured, blah blah. It’s not the end of the world, but I’m angry because I submitted forms in plenty of time to the dealership, and they failed me, not Porsche GB.
T911UK Peter Bull
The unfortunate thing is that now that the service has been discontinued, the club will suffer because it was a great incentive to join!
There are far more compelling reasons to join the club than receiving a free, sometimes inaccurate piece of paper.
For starters, how about the camaraderie among its members and being a part of the Porsche community?
If members really want a CofA, I am confident that they will be able to contact Porsche GB and pay for the service.
I wholeheartedly concur. Peter, but as you can see, people join specifically for this reason, and not just the free version club members!

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