Political science certificate

Political science certificate

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Graduate students may choose to supplement their master’s degrees with certificates in a variety of political science disciplines or in collaboration with other graduate programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Depending on your career goals, we will assist you in developing a study plan that will put you on the road to success! Graduate degrees in American Politics and International Politics are available to students who do not want to pursue a master’s degree.
Students can obtain a Certificate in American Politics by completing five courses from the following list. The Certificate in American Politics can be earned as part of a master’s degree program or as a stand-alone certificate.
Students can receive a Certificate in International Politics if they complete five of the courses mentioned below. The Certificate in International Politics can be obtained as part of a master’s degree program or as a stand-alone certificate.
Students must complete 15 credits in a combination of history, education, and political science courses to earn the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Advanced History and Government. Students can split these 15 credits among curricula in American History/Government, European History/Comparative Politics or International Relations, or World History/Comparative Politics or International Relations to maximize flexibility. Because secondary school curricula vary, this flexibility allows teachers to tailor their certificate program to their specific professional needs.

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Globalization and Governance Certificate This certificate is available to political science students who specialize in the study of globalization and governance as part of their degree. The Globalization and Governance Certificate is the only one of its kind in Canada, and it reflects the fact that globalization is one of the twenty-first century’s defining characteristics. The undergraduate Political Science program includes lecture and seminar courses that focus on the dynamics of globalization and the challenges it poses to politics, governance, and public policy. It is intended to promote critical thinking about the challenges and opportunities of globalization and governance in an increasingly complex world. Lectures and workshops on international relations, global governance, Canadian and international political economy, immigration, urban affairs, and multiculturalism and citizenship are among the topics covered in the Globalization and Governance Certificate program.

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Welcome to the Politics and Global Studies School! We have a wide range of minors and qualifications to help you prepare for a career in almost any field. We take pride in being able to assist in equipping tomorrow’s leaders with the skills and experience they will need to confront complex problems head on. Our goal is to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful citizens not only in our country’s political system, but also in the global community. All of our programs aim to connect theories to real-world issues and problems. Each of our minors and certificates has its own set of focus areas that can be explored independently or in conjunction with others.

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Students interested in gaining advanced skills and expertise in political science should enroll in the IU Online Graduate Certificate in Political Science. Political philosophy, American politics, comparative politics, public opinion, and research methods will all be covered in this course. The Graduate Certificate in Political Science is perfect for those who want to teach dual-credit courses and need to meet Higher Learning Commission dual-credit qualification requirements. Teachers who want to teach dual-credit political science courses must have a master’s degree in political science or a master’s degree in another discipline (such as education), as well as at least 18 credit hours of discipline-specific graduate coursework, according to these requirements.

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