Packers stock certificate

Packers stock certificate

2011 green bay packers stock offering certificate

I bought the green/gold double matte and a black frame here the other day. All told, it cost about $50, which is significantly less than anything on the packers’ website. I didn’t want one with a “plaque” or a coin or anything like that, though those options are also available on the website.
They may be overpriced, but the one with the single coin is more in line with the ProShop frames from 1997 than anything else. I’m not sure why they don’t just give the same exact frame so that those who bought before (like me) can match with those who are buying now (like my wife and son). What irritates me the most is that when I called the ProShop to inquire about when they would be offering frames, they specifically stated that they would not be offering frames for this stock offering, so I had already ordered frames from Global Recognition. Now I have to decide whether or not to return them. I’m inclined to say no.
I’m not sure if we had a choice in glass the last time we went, but mine is definitely not non-glare. The flash was bouncing back at me in every picture I ever took of it. What a messed-up organization, swindling fans in this manner and not knowing what they’re selling.

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Green Bay Packers’ History

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Since the original articles of incorporation were filed with Wisconsin’s secretary of state on Aug. 18, 1923, the Green Bay Packers, Inc. has been a publicly owned, nonprofit organization.
The Green Bay Packers organization has been kept afloat by its shareholders — its selfless fans — in one of the most remarkable business stories in American history. Even more remarkable, the Packers have managed to survive and prosper in the current era, which is dominated by free agency and the NFL salary cap.
The organization’s fifth stock offering, which ended on February 29, 2012, was a huge success, with over 250,000 new shareholders becoming shareholders. International sales in Canada were issued for the first time in a Packers stock offering and accounted for nearly 2,000 shares.
The entire proceeds from the offering will be used to expand Lambeau Field, a $143 million project that will add 6,700 seats, new HD video boards, a new sound system, and two new gates. For the 2011 season, a new sound system was installed, new video boards and one gate were installed in 2012, and new seating and a second gate will be installed for the 2013 season. Return to the previous page

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The entire proceeds from the offering went toward the $146 million expansion of Lambeau Field, which included a new distributed-audio sound system (2011), two new HD video boards, and a new Bellin Health Gate on the stadium’s north end (2012), as well as approximately 7,000 extra seats in the south end zone served by the Shopko Gate (2013). The articles of incorporation prohibit anyone from owning more than 200,000 shares to prevent someone from taking control of the team.
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It’s an understatement to say that the Green Bay Packers are an outlier in American sports. In the United States, the Wisconsin squad is the only publicly-owned, non-profit team in a major sports league. Aaron Rodgers, the team’s star quarterback, and new head coach Matt LaFleur are, in a sense, government employees.
The Packers are owned by tens of thousands of people. Their fans help clear snow and perform general maintenance duties on a daily basis. For the most part, it’s a happy situation. What’s the catch? Those Packers stock certificates are worthless.
The Packers had one flaw in 1923: they were bankrupt. The team took advantage of their 1911 founding date and a quirk in the NFL bylaws when they were on the brink of folding. They went with the most dedicated revenue source possible — their fans — because they couldn’t find a friendly investor to buy the team.
Despite clashing with ownership restrictions imposed on all new teams, the Packers were grandfathered into the NFL with this special ownership system. In the 1980s, the NFL tightened the restrictions even more. To this day, the league standard is a maximum of 32 owners, with at least one owner having a minimum of 30% ownership.

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