Online graduate math certificate

Online graduate math certificate

Online graduate certificate in mathematics

After receiving a bachelor’s degree, many people choose to pursue their education. Some people want to stand out when applying for work or striving for promotions; others want to change occupations and realize that they’ll need an advanced degree to do so; and still others have a personal desire to continue learning after graduation.
When prospective students discover the rigor required to achieve a master’s degree, a percentage of them abandon their plans. Though there are many advantages of earning an advanced degree, it is not for all. Returning to grad school can be a substantial investment in terms of time, resources, and effort.
Master’s degrees usually take two years to complete and are also a full-time commitment in a specific area. Due to the complexity of the coursework, the time and financial commitment necessary to obtain a master’s degree is often much greater than that required to earn a graduate certificate. If you’re trying to figure out which course is best for you, consider your personal objectives to see which study choices can best help you achieve them.

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One graduate-level statistics course offered by a department other than the Department of Mathematics and Statistics can be counted against the five courses required for the Certificate with the approval of the Director of Applied Statistics.
Certificate students must have completed all of the undergraduate mathematics courses needed for the Masters program and they participate in the same graduate courses as students seeking the Masters degree in Applied Statistics. Calculus by Multivariable Calculus (typically Calculus III) and Linear Algebra are two of them.
This curriculum is designed specifically for those who are already teaching at the high school level. This 15-credit program will include five graduate courses in the following areas: geometry, mathematics history, statistics, classroom technology, and a special topics course. During the fall and spring semesters, at least one course will be offered in the certificate program, and usually two in the summer.

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The Certificate in Graduate Mathematics is ideal for students who want to pursue a graduate degree in a mathematics-related area but need a refresher on key concepts or prefer to start slowly by taking one or two courses at a time. It’s also suitable for practicing teachers who choose to finish or start their graduate mathematics hours in order to teach dual-credit mathematics in high school or entry-level undergraduate mathematics at the collegiate level*. To accommodate busy schedules, courses are offered at night, online, and hybrid formats, as well as throughout the summer. Those teaching dual-credit or undergraduate mathematics must have a Master’s degree in some area with a specialization in mathematics, according to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) (18 credit hours in mathematics). Students would need to take an additional 6 hours to meet the graduate concentration requirements, as this degree takes 12 hours.

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In this program, you’ll learn about the most up-to-date teaching methods while also expanding your mathematical material knowledge. It stresses both the development of good math skills and the implementation of what you learn in the classroom. You’ll think about stuff like: You can also take elective courses in distinction, evaluation, and technology integration. This allows you to specialize your curriculum and learn skills that are most applicable to your chosen career path.
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