Ohio state certificate programs

Ohio state certificate programs

Ohio state’s online sports turf management certificate

Data scientists will work in Ohio’s three Cs: Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. Continue reading to learn about data science research programs, scholarships, professional communities, and work opportunities in Ohio.
With an online master’s in business analytics, you can learn in-demand analytics skills. In as little as 12 months, you could be done. Professionals with at least three years of business experience are eligible for GMAT waivers. Find Out More
Ohio has a respectable 7% of its workforce in the tech industry, according to CompTIA’s interactive tool, placing it in the middle of the pack at 25th out of all states in 2019. Even better, Ohio is currently ranked 15th in the country for innovation, based on a combination of startup activity and investment, according to CompTIA. Many programs in the field of big data are underway at the state’s universities.
There are a few distance learning degrees available in Ohio, including the ones listed below. The Data-Driven Decision Making certificate from Cleveland State University is a hybrid program intended for school administrators or data experts working in K-12 education. Kent State University’s Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics is a six-course program focusing on management processes that is just down the road.

Ohio university graduate business certificate overview – full

The Ohio State University’s Department of Human Sciences, which is part of the College of Education and Human Ecology, is proud to offer an undergraduate certificate program in Healthcare Environmental and Hospitality Services. This program is intended to prepare professionals in the hospitality and healthcare industries for future leadership roles. In the United States, there is currently no other academic program that prepares professionals for supervisory positions in healthcare environmental services. This online certificate program fills a current gap in educational opportunities for practitioners working in the healthcare environmental services industry.
Supervised and practical experience in the field of environmental services in healthcare at a department-approved internship site. The inquiry and analysis of assigned issues, as well as the documentation of experience, are all included.

Ohio state online

At Ohio State, there are two types of online certificate programs: stand-alone and embedded certificates. Students who complete stand-alone programs do not need to be enrolled in a full undergraduate or graduate degree program at Ohio State to earn an Academic Certificate.
Students can learn about a particular subject to complement their current degree program, earn credit or continuing education units for workforce development, and prepare for professional certification examinations or licensure through Ohio State’s online certificate programs, which are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Ohio State’s online certificates range in length from 12 to 20 credit hours on average. The majority of programs will be completed in a year or less. For example, the John Glenn College of Public Affairs’ online Public Management Certificate is 13 credits long (four or five courses) and can be completed in a year.


Certificate programs are a cost-effective form of postsecondary education that typically require full-time, six-month to one-year of required courses, or their part-time equivalent. Colleges and adult career centers award certificates for particular occupations after students complete their studies. Employees with certificates earn 20% more on average than workers with only a high school diploma, according to a Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce research, and certificates make workers more employable. Certificates have also evolved into stepping stones to college degrees. Examine the resources below to learn more about certificate programs.

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