Non marriage certificate

Non marriage certificate

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Many foreign countries demand evidence of single status before allowing a marriage to take place there. If you currently or previously lived in Kansas and need proof of single status for a foreign country, you must request a marriage license search from this office.
You will use the same form as if you were applying for a regular marriage license. To receive a marriage license application form, please click here. It’s critical that you specify the number of years you want to search for. Each five-year record search for a marriage license costs $15.00 under state law. Most foreign countries require the search to last from the age of eighteen to the present, or if the person has previously been married and divorced, certified copies of the marriage(s) and divorce(s) must be provided, and the search should last from the year of the last divorce to the present.
Check with the appropriate authorities to see what kind of documentation you’ll be asked to provide. Please make it clear to this office that you need a letter of no marriage verification. Otherwise, this office will send you a standard letter saying that no record was found. The letter of verification of no marriage includes special language that is required to prove single status.

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If the requestor has been married and divorced since the age of 18, an authenticated copy of both the marriage and divorce records, as well as a declaration of NO MARRIAGE from the divorce year to the present, is normally required.
For the statement of no marriage request, please use the “Official Statement of No Marriage” application and indicate the COUNTRY where it will be used. The $42.00 initial search fee covers a one-year statewide search. A fee of $12.00 would be charged for each additional year searched. The application must specify the years that will be searched.
If you have an urgent need, expedited service is available for a rush fee of $25 for the statement of NO MARRIAGE request. Please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for the Secretary of State’s Office of the Great Seal to apply the apostille and return it to this office, in addition to the time it takes for Vital Records to process.

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By submitting the following documents and paying the appropriate fee, the Civil Registry and Migration Department will issue a non-marriage certificate. It is necessary for applicants to appear in person at the Civil Registry and Migration Department to submit their application and receive the above-mentioned certificate. Cypriots living abroad may apply through the Republic of Cyprus’ Embassies/Consulates.
3. An affidavit stating his marital status (single, divorced, widowed). In the case of divorce or widowhood, the applicant must state that he has not been married since his spouse’s divorce or death. The name of the person with whom he wants to marry should also be included in the affidavit.
6. €34,16 fee for the above-mentioned application and certificate, and €8,54 fee for the affidavit The APOSTILLE issued by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order of the Republic of Cyprus costs an additional €5.
– If the applicant’s country of origin has not signed the Hague Convention of 1961 and there is no Embassy or Consulate in the above-mentioned country, the documents must first be authenticated by the applicant’s country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then by the closest accredited Embassy or Consulate in Cyprus.

Non marriage certificate/ affidavit

Were you one of the lucky 25% who discovered it during their Erasmus year? Maybe you were the one who was living in another country when you first met? Is it possible that it was love at first sight at work? An international couple’s love story can have as many different beginnings as there are international couples. If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll almost certainly need a Certificate of No Impediment as part of your wedding paperwork.
After 28 days from the date of publication, you can obtain a copy of your certificate of no impediment from your local register office in the United Kingdom. You can also get it from National Records of Scotland after 29 days in Scotland. You may be able to exchange your UK no impediment certificate for a local certificate of the country where you are getting married via the British Consulate in the country or the country’s Consulate in the UK once you have received your UK no impediment certificate. If you are a British national living overseas and are unable to contact the local registered office, you can contact the British Consulate in your country of residence.

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