Nadra birth certificate

Nadra birth certificate

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Content of the Web Page RIRs (Responses to Information Requests) are country-specific study reports. IRB decision makers have demanded them. A seven-year archive of English and French RIR is available in the database. According to an earlier RIR, reporting births in Pakistan is voluntary, and birth records “are not kept uniformly, especially in rural areas,” according to the US Department of State’s Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2012. (ibid.). According to the Pakistani government, 75% of the population is registered, but “real figures may be lower,” according to the same source (ibid.).
NADRA issues birth certificates and other identity documents, according to Country Reports 2012. (US 19 Apr. 2013, 49). NADRA’s Civil Registration Management System, according to the Pakistan-based Daily Messenger, was announced in 2006. (Daily Messenger 3 Aug. 2012). NADRA and the City District Government of Karachi signed an agreement in 2007 for the computerization of city records relating to births, deaths, marriages, and divorce in Karachi, according to Pakistan Press International Information Services (12 Aug. 2007). According to the same source, under the terms of the agreement, NADRA will provide training and technical assistance to Karachi union councils, which will begin issuing computerized birth certificates immediately (Pakistan Press International Information Services 12 Aug. 2007). The union councils would have “total authority to run administrative affairs,” according to the agreement (ibid.). The Pakistan Press International Information Services reported in 2009 that union councils in Karachi were issuing computerized birth certificates with NADRA’s help (ibid. 5 Aug. 2009). According to reports, in 2012, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Administrator stated that the city’s 178 union councils were connected to NADRA’s Civil Registration Management System, which issued computerized birth certificates, and that the system had been “fully implemented in Karachi” (Daily Messenger 3 Aug. 2012).

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How do I get a Nadra birth certificate or a Nadra marriage certificate in Pakistan? It will be greatly appreciated by overseas Pakistanis or those who work with Pakistan’s embassy in Canada/Toronto or other countries in order to obtain a birth certificate or marriage certificate from Pakistan. I am currently residing in Canada and require these certificates to be attested by HEC and MOFA in Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I’m looking for such service agents (preferably in Pakistan) or online service recommendations who can provide an authentic yet genuine and credible certificate that will be accepted for immigration and visa purposes by other embassies. Thank you, it will be greatly appreciated.
I agree with Hania that this is an excellent piece of information.
Just what my family and I needed (a nadra computerized birth certificate and attestation from Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to apply for immigration to Canada. I was able to obtain a WES and a character certificate from Pakistan in order to apply for a Canadian visa. Thank you very much.

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For Pakistani nationals, a birth certificate serves as proof of a child’s birth. The term “birth certificate from Pakistan” may refer to the original document, a certified copy of the original record of birth, or a representation of the original record of birth. There are two types of birth certificates, depending on the situation. The first is a computerized Birth Certificate issued by NADRA, and the second is a Certificate of No Record of Birth…
For visas, immigration, registrations, and other official formalities, official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, unmarried certificates, police character certificates, divorce certificates, and duplicate Nikkah Nama are required in many countries. Are you currently residing in another country and need official immigration documents?
A Non-Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC) must first be obtained from the Municipality office / Union Council in cases where the birth was not registered. This document is also known as a No Record Certificate or a No Birth Entry Certificate…

How to apply birth certificate | child birth registration

Even though your birth was never registered before and you don’t have an old KMC Birth Certificate from Karachi Municipal Corporation, you can get your fully computerized NADRA Birth Certificate Karachi. Old manual birth certificates or English translations of Urdu birth certificates are no longer suitable, and the concerned authorities in Pakistan and internationally only accept NADRA Birth Certificates from all Pakistanis.
A birth certificate is an important document that proves a child’s family information and may be necessary to obtain a CNIC, renew a passport, apply for an immigration visa, get a job, or enroll in school or university.
We will also help you get a Notary Public, First Class Magistrate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan, Saudi Embassy, Qatar Embassy, UAE Embassy, or any other authority to certify your NADRA Birth Certificate. However, this will be treated as a separate task, requiring additional documents as well as time.

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