Miami dade college certificate programs

Miami dade college certificate programs

Miami dade college courses

The Career Technical Education (CTE) programs at Miami-Dade Technical Colleges are intended to prepare students for careers in a variety of fields. The aim of this post-secondary career preparation/vocational training is to assist the local workforce. Our CTE programs are designed to provide a high-quality education at an affordable cost while also providing students with the opportunity to earn a certificate or license that will allow them to join the workforce. The Council of Occupational Education has given our programs national accreditation.

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The Medical Campus, located in the heart of the Miami Health District, offers state-of-the-art facilities as well as more than 20 educational options, including bachelor’s degree programs and training certificates that will put you on the fast track to a high-demand career.
The School of Health Science prepares allied health professionals to enhance community quality of life and become valuable members of the health-care team by offering bachelor’s, associate’s, and certificate programs.
The Medical Campus’s School of Continuing Education and Professional Development provides training and continuing education credits (CEUs) to help students and health care professionals broaden their skill sets, find work, and advance their careers.

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The Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) is a state-approved, competency-based alternative certification program for people who have a bachelor’s degree or higher in a field other than education, are currently teaching on a Temporary Teaching Certificate, or want to teach.
This program focuses on the state-identified skills and competencies that a high-quality teacher would possess. The Sunshine State Standards, teaching methods and strategies, technology integration into educational practice, literacy development, assessment tools and data analysis, classroom management, and school safety are all highlighted. The student will demonstrate mastery of the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices by submitting a complete professional portfolio at the end of these modules.
Regardless of their employment status as permanent or temporary teachers, the program assists participants in completing all requirements prior to or during their first year of teaching, and it provides a rigorous curriculum to prepare professionals in all essential teaching areas: lesson planning, classroom management, evaluation, technology use, and differentiated instruction.

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The aim of these short-term programs is to provide you with the expertise and skills you need to quickly join the workforce and advance in your chosen field. Your program includes supervised clinical practice to provide patient care and on-the-job experiences, as well as the opportunity to interact with people in a variety of health-related professions.
State and national licensing and certification boards accredit the various programs. Health-care careers are in high demand and have a lot of room for growth. Students who complete short-term vocational credit certificate programs work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, medical offices, insurance offices, pharmacy outlets, schools, and government and community institutions.

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