Merchandise certificate

Merchandise certificate

How can i download and print my certificate?

We may sell merchandise on the internet at the same price as in Bloomingdale’s stores, and we may run promotions similar to those found in Bloomingdale’s stores. Prices may vary in other cases because the website and stores may choose to offer products at different prices or hold different promotional events at different times. may also offer a product, a price, or a promotion that is not available in stores.
As a result, Bloomingdale’s shop prices and other promotional offers (such as coupons and extra discounts) may not be applied to purchases made on Similarly, prices and other promotional offers from (such as promotion codes and free shipping) may not be applied to purchases made in Bloomingdale’s stores.
Bloomingdale’s Gift Cards can be bought and redeemed online or in-store for your shopping convenience. However, Bloomingdale’s in-store certificates and awards (such as reward certificates, merchandise-only certificates, and bonus dollars) can only be used in Bloomingdale’s locations. Virtual Gift Cards, which are only available online at, can be used both online and in-store.

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The recipient of a gift certificate may buy individual tickets to operas, musicals, and special events, with the option of selecting the production, performance date, and time. They can also be used to buy new subscriptions, recurring renewals, merchandise from our online OperaShop, or meals from one of our on-site restaurants.
Choose your gift certificate amount and design from the options below. Your order will be sent to the recipient’s email address immediately after you complete the checkout process. Please contact Audience Services at 312.827.5600 for help with your order.

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I got a few hundred dollars in Banana Republic “merchandise certificates” a while back from a variety of donations and other returns-without-receipts. If you’re not familiar with this policy, it’s a new one at Gap-owned stores where if you return an item without a receipt, they’ll give you a “gift card” that can’t be used online, can’t be redeemed for cash, can’t be used to buy a real gift card, and must be used with photo ID (ostensibly to prevent resale on Cardpool-like sites). With almost 1000 dollars in BR cash, there was little I really wanted, so I decided to sell the gift card online for real money. If any of you are in a similar situation, after a few weeks of experimentation, I think I have found a solution. One person allowed me to use my MC to purchase a gift card out of the ten or so transactions I made, but everyone else was adamant about not allowing me. Obviously, your mileage may vary, but hopefully this will relieve some of you from having to purchase items from the respective store. 1 Upvoted commentsharesavehidereport1 commentsharesavehidereport1 commentsharesavehidereport1 commentshare This discussion has been closed. There are no new remarks or ballots that can be made. Sort by the best.

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