Math certificate

Math certificate

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The Certificate in Math Teaching from Acadia University will help you develop your skills as a math educator for grades 5 through 9 (including grade 4/5 splits). The certificate is intended for teachers who do not have a strong mathematical background or who want to refresh their knowledge of math curriculum and pedagogy. The Minister’s Advisory Committee on Teacher Certification has approved our certificate as an upgrade certificate for eligible teachers, and it addresses professional development needs identified by the Nova Scotia Department of Education.
You’ll complete 30 credit hours of courses as part of a cohort in this part-time, post-BEd certificate program, with classes on selected Saturdays during the school year and compressed research in the summers, all supported by online resources.
The majority of teachers will finish the certificate in two years. You can also take individual courses without enrolling in the entire certificate program.
The certificate combines undergraduate math courses in core curriculum subjects with graduate education courses focused on mathematics pedagogy to give you both content area support and relevant pedagogical expertise to help you improve your math teaching. The courses are designed to provide you with a “scope and sequence” approach to math curriculum, allowing you to understand how these ideas evolve across the grades, as well as the role they play in understanding math in subsequent grades.

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Certified math teachers are the best-equipped people to teach high-school students math skills that will serve them well throughout their academic and professional careers. Mathematics helps students develop problem-solving skills and equips them with the tools they need to understand complex problems.
Although each state’s certification process differs, most states require potential teachers to pass tests demonstrating that their hard work in teacher preparation classes prepared them for careers in education. Click on your state from the map of state teaching certification criteria for more information on the certification process.
Potential teachers should spend the majority of their time studying the major math concepts and principles before beginning the certification process. These potential teachers will be unprepared to teach more advanced, college-preparatory classes to high school students unless they have a comprehensive understanding of these concepts.
Teachers must demonstrate an understanding of algebra in order to pass certification exams. Natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, real numbers, and the ability to perform the basic operations that make up math problems are all included.

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As a mathematics expert or mathematics coach, you can broaden your teaching career. You can choose to specialize in elementary/middle school or high school mathematics with a certificate in mathematics. The certificate program provides convenient day, evening, weekend, and online class options to fit the schedules of working professionals.
This program is best suited for current classroom teachers who want to expand their subject knowledge to include mathematics. It’s also a good choice for non-mathematics majors joining the teaching profession who want to add a highly qualified title to their academic experience and expand their teaching careers as a mathematics specialist or mathematics coach.
Obtaining a certificate in mathematics will provide you with new teaching opportunities as well as the opportunity to advance your career. Graduates of this program may go on to professional positions such as: Ideal for existing teachers or students who are just beginning a teaching career, graduates of this program may go on to professional positions such as:

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CLASSROOM TEACHERS and INTERVENTIONISTS will use these vivid math awards/certificates as awards during the year. There is a classroom and intervention option in each design. There are 13 designs in total, with a total of 26 nominations!
Teacher Material That Rocks
Math, Basic Operations, and Other (Math)
1st – 4th grades
Fun Stuff, Classroom Forms, and Math Centers are some of the different types of materials available.
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Johnson Creations’ Math Certificate (Monsters)
1.25 dollars
What student wouldn’t be ecstatic to receive such a charming and vivid math prize? The prize is 11″ x 8.5″ in size and features colorful monsters and a title, but it could also be printed in black and white on white or colored paper.
This product is one of my dearest friend Dawn’s many great ideas, created to identify and inspire students who work hard to meet weekly goals set in a program we use in our district (i-Ready).

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