Matc certificate programs

Matc certificate programs

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You have arrived at the following address: / Archives for Schools / / / / / / / / / Mequon Area Technical College (MATC) Mequon Campus of Milwaukee Area Technical College Milwaukee Area Technical College has a lovely campus in Mequon, just north of Thiensville, on Highland Road.
The two-year vocational-technical school, located in a suburban area between Mequon and Thiensville, caters to students with busy lives. The average Mequon Campus student faces the challenge of balancing classes with work, family obligations, and other commitments. The branch caters to their needs by offering online classes and accelerated associate degree programs that only require attendance once a week.
There are 23 associate degree programs in liberal arts, applied science, and applied arts, as well as five professional diploma programs and ten certificate programs, available at the Mequon Campus. Associate degrees are offered in a number of fields, including automotive technology, business administration, landscape horticulture, and nursing. Business management, emergency medical technician (basic and intermediate levels), and medical coding diploma programs are available. Certificates in American Indian studies, infrastructure protection, and supervisory management are available to students.

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Certificates and licenses are only valid for educational programs that lead to the completion of certain certificates and licenses. By graduate, you can see a list of all possible certificates and licenses:
It’s likely that only getting the Certificate or License won’t be enough to get credit. Some certifications and licenses can require work experience, interviews, or a performance test to qualify for credit. To earn credit, all certifications and licenses must be checked and approved by a dean.

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Five mandatory classes, five electives, and a culminating portfolio make up the MATC curriculum. Courses are delivered in a four-semester cycle; highly motivated students may be able to complete all of their work in as few as four semesters. Three requisite courses and two electives make up the graduate credential. Consult with your counselor to decide the best course progression for you. The program specifications for both options are listed below.
Rhetorical genre theory, applied linguistics, ethics, and the rhetoric of science are only a few of the theories and topics covered in this course. Cultural studies, STEM communication, linguistics, psychology, and sociology are all examples of interdisciplinary approaches.
Students who are or intend to become skilled technical communicators will benefit from this advanced study in technical communication. Modern theories of rhetoric, with an emphasis on grammar, syntax, readability, pragmatics, and hypertext, are among the topics covered. Students can produce studies, proposals, guides, and online documents based on their own backgrounds and interests. ADM/PROG or PERM/INST is needed.

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Students in the MATC IT Computer Support Specialist Program are prepared for a career in end-user support. Graduates assist companies in administering, troubleshooting, and deploying mobile devices, cloud services, Windows computers and servers, OSX desktops and laptops, and IOS and Android mobile smartphones and tablets, among other things. Students learn how to set up and customize computers, desktops, servers, and mobile operating systems, as well as interact with technology like computer virtualization and wireless networking, through hands-on experiences and laboratories.
In both public and private organisations, technical service professionals offer assistance and guidance to computer users. Computer, mobile device, and network support specialists can configure, safe, protect, and manage computers, mobile devices, and networks, or they provide direct technical assistance to computer users.
Mobile User Support Specialists (also known as Help Desk Technicians) assist individuals with computer issues. When speaking with employees who do not have an IT experience, specialists avoid using jargon by asking questions to diagnose a device issue and then walking users through the steps to fix the problem. They also install and fix computer hardware and software, as well as educate users on new hardware and software.

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