Maryland advanced professional certificate

Maryland advanced professional certificate

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Because a conditional certificate takes at least six months to obtain, it’s critical to submit all of these documents as soon as you’re recruited. The validity of a conditional certificate is two years. The six-month waiting period is applied toward meeting the renewal requirements, which include up to 12 credits and passing the Basic Skills Test.
Individual scores at or above the state qualifying scores on Praxis: CORE (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics) or a composite score at or above the state qualifying score on Praxis I, SAT, GRE, or ACT may be submitted to meet the testing requirement in one of two ways.
Please register for the Core Academic Skills for Educators Combined Test if you want to take all three tests at the same time (5751). There is no longer a composite score; you must pass each test individually.
Courses with the alpha numeric code ENG preceding the number and title may be used to fulfill the content course requirement as a rule of thumb. Remedial courses (those that start with a 0), such as ENG 043, are not approved.

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Unless the certificate holder qualifies for senior status, MSDE requires a certificate renewal plan in order to obtain the APC and subsequent APC renewals. The professional plans to complete six appropriate credits or the equivalent in order to receive the subsequent APC, according to the APC renewal plan.
On MCPS Form 440-37, Five-year Certificate Renewal Plan for the Renewal of the Advanced Professional Certificate, the types of appropriate equivalent activities as well as the qualifications are identified (APC). Download MCPS Form 440-34, Verification of Equivalent Activities for Advanced Professional Certificate Renewal Purposes, if you’re using equivalent activities for certificate renewal. Deadlines for submissions
MSDE charges a fee for the issuance of a certificate as well as each renewal. This non-refundable fee has been collected via automatic payroll deduction since January 1, 2004. There is currently no fee for adding new endorsements.
Professionals who fail to meet professional certificate renewal requirements are issued a Class II Conditional Certificate that is valid for two years at the discretion of the local school system. They will be given a provisional contract and their tenure will be terminated. Experience gained while working under a Class II certificate may not be used to advance your salary. Future step increases, for example, may be postponed depending on how long the professional has been on the Class II certificate. If the remaining credits are not completed by the Conditional Certificate’s expiration date, the employee will be fired.

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If you want to be a teacher in Maryland, you must first obtain certification after earning your bachelor’s degree. While there are many routes to take, your choices will most likely be limited by your level of education and experience.
This guide will assist you in determining the best career path for you at any stage of your career. We will assist you if you’re just starting out and want to learn more about Maryland’s certification process. Maybe you’d like to learn how to advance to advanced certification or endorsement so you can specialize, or perhaps you’re a teacher looking to relocate to Maryland and need to understand reciprocity.
According to your level of experience and education, the Maryland State Department of Education offers three levels of teacher certification. You must apply for the Professional Eligibility Certificate if you want to get your initial certification. Candidates who meet all certification criteria and are not currently employed by a Maryland local school system are awarded this certificate, which is valid for five years.

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To work in a Maryland public school system, every teacher, specialist, administrator, and supervisor must have a valid MD certificate. Two times a year, in January and July, certificates are issued and renewed.
All requirements, including the required Praxis I and Praxis II tests, must be completed during the two-year validity period of the first certificate if the original conditional assessment requires fewer than 12 credits.
During the five-year validity period, earn a total of 6 credits, including reading credits if you still need them. You’ll also want to take more than the 6 necessary credits because you’ll have ten years to complete your master’s degree or master’s equivalency. During the validity period of your certificate, you must also have a minimum of three years of successful teaching experience.
You must complete a master’s degree or master’s equivalency by the end of the five-year validity period of your Standard Professional II certificate (36 credits, including a minimum of 21 graduate credits). During the validity period of your certificate, you must also have a minimum of three years of successful teaching experience.

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