Marriage certificate fresno ca

Marriage certificate fresno ca

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The Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk does not accept credit cards for online orders; however, you can process online requests through VitalChek Network, Inc., an independent corporation with whom we have partnered to provide this service. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover are among the credit cards accepted by VitalChek. In addition to the copy fee, all credit card orders will be charged a $9 special handling fee.
Please note that only the parties to the marriage or a court order may receive confidential marriage records. You CANNOT receive a copy of a confidential marriage record if you are not a party to the marriage.

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Recorded Document requests can be made in person, by mailing a completed application for a certified copy of a vital record, or via our self-service page. By phone, fax, or email, we do not accept requests for copies. Copies can be purchased online via a third-party vendor who will mail the papers to you. The Ordering Records Online page has more information.
Make sure the information you provide is accurate and comprehensive. We are unable to refund the fee if you request a copy of an official record and we are unable to locate it. We are required by California law to keep it as a search fee. See our fee schedule for more information.
California Department of Public Health Vital Records also keeps track of births, deaths, fetal deaths, stillbirths, marriages, and divorces (CDPH). They have information and forms for correcting or amending a record, adding or changing a parent’s name, preparing new adoption certificates, and paternity changes.
A restricted certified copy of a marriage record can be obtained by anyone. The information contained in the record is for educational purposes only and may not be used to verify identity. The words “restricted copy” will be printed across the front of the document on restricted copies.

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If you want to marry in Fresno County, California, or anywhere else in the state, you’ll need to fill out a marriage license application. Your marriage license can be obtained in Fresno County or any other county in California.
No, the standard is the same if you live in Fresno County or are just passing through. To obtain a valid marriage license, you do not need to be a previous or current Fresno County or California resident.
Keep in mind that if you were not born in California, you would need to obtain a certified copy from your home state or country. If you were born in Fresno County, California, you can order your birth certificate there. Otherwise, order it from the county in which you were born in California.
Provide the date of your divorce or the date your spouse died if you were previously married. When you come to complete your application, bring a verified copy of your divorce decree or death certificate.
Divorce and death certificates, like birth certificates, can be obtained from the vital records office where the divorce or death occurred. Get it from Fresno County if it happened there. Otherwise, obtain it from the appropriate location in whichever state the incident occurred.

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California has a few special marriage laws and regulations that require you to make some choices before you can get your license. Whether or not to apply for a confidential marriage license is one of the choices. Another option is to join in the Deputy for a Day program with a friend or relative.
It is suggested that you contact the California County or City Clerk’s office to see if an appointment can be made. In some California cities, you could find yourself in a long line with a two-hour wait if you don’t have an appointment.
In the county where you applied for your marriage license, you must have a private wedding ceremony. A public marriage ceremony may be held anywhere in the state of California if you obtained your marriage license in California.
You must be able to show evidence of a divorce, death, or annulment, as well as the precise date of a previous marriage’s end. You may need to bring the final divorce decree with you, though it varies by county. This is especially true if the divorce occurred recently.

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