Idexx certificate of analysis

Idexx certificate of analysis

Understanding fecal coliforms and e coli testing methods for

When you use Colilert or Colisure as a one-step technique for water quality and compliance tests, you can save a lot of money. With less than one minute of hands-on time, you will get total coliform and E. coli results in 18 or 24 hours! These tests are much simpler and more precise than other standard methods processes! It has become the ideal test for a wide range of source water applications due to its extensive regulatory approvals.
Only the first case — of multiple case orders — will be upgraded to UPS 3 Day Select service for products marked with this icon (where applicable). The remaining cases will be delivered by ground within 1 to 3 days of getting your first case.

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The two-way integration between Neo and the IDEXX Web PACS software is simple to use, saves time, assists with charge capture, and provides accurate diagnostic records in Neo to support your clinical work. IDEXX’s industry-leading, cloud-based diagnostic management solutions are at the heart of the Neo digital integration:
The integration allows your Neo cloud-based software to work immediately with IDEXX imaging software and image capture stations, and is designed to support industry imaging requirements for DICOM and Modality Work List:
If you’re using a different manufacturer’s capture station, be sure to check IDEXX’s validated system list to see if your integration is supported. Check the support level once you’ve located your capture station on the list. You’ll be able to place orders from Neo if your capture station supports the Modality Work List standard, for example. You won’t be able to place orders from Neo if it doesn’t support Modality Work List; however, you can start your work flow at the capture station and then reconcile image results into Neo’s patient records and consultations. If your capture station is not on the list, please contact us using the information provided with the list.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific does not sell this product. In countries other than Japan, this product can be ordered directly from IDEXX Laboratories, and in Japan, it can be ordered directly from Veritas (please email veritas [email protected]).
Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium oocysts are selectively enriched directly from water sample concentrates.
Method 1623 of the US Environmental Protection Agency was used to validate IMS.
Features and advantages
• Significantly improved Cryptosporidium and Giardia recovery• Simple procedure• Reduced background debris aids microscopy detection• One clean 9mm slide well per sample• Saves hours of manual processing
Dynabeads® coated with anti-Cryptosporidium or anti-Giardia antibodies and SL buffer are included in this product.

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For accurate and reliable results in any analysis, high-quality reference materials are required. Romer Labs offers the broadest range of reference materials currently available on the market under the BiopureTM brand. For mycotoxins, residues, and contaminants, these high-quality products are available in crystalline or liquid form.
Internal standards, a range of stable, completely isotope labeled 13C standards in a ready-to-go liquid form, round out the product range. Romer Labs also provides quality control materials for particular mycotoxins in various matrices.
The quality assurance required for identification, characterization, and quality control is provided by cutting-edge analytical methods (HPLC, LC-MS, NMR, and so on). Each calibrant comes with an analytical certificate that follows ISO and Eurachem guidelines.

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