How to use your birth certificate to pay off debt

How to use your birth certificate to pay off debt

The truth about using your birth certificate to

When someone dies, their ‘estate’ is used to pay off their debts (money and property they leave behind). You’re only liable for their debts if you had a joint loan or agreement with them, or if you gave a loan guarantee; you’re not automatically liable for the debts of a husband, wife, or civil partner.
If the estate is worth more than a certain amount, the executor or administrator may need special permission, known as “probate” or “letters of administration,” to handle the person’s affairs.
Paying off their mortgages is part of this.
If you and another person jointly owned your home and there wasn’t enough money in the estate to pay off the dead person’s debts, your home would have to be sold. Whether you owned it as ‘tenants in common’ or ‘joint tenants,’ your options for avoiding a sale differ.
Each of you had a claimed share of the property if you were “tenants in common.” The deceased person’s share becomes part of their estate and is distributed to whoever is named in their will. However, if there are any outstanding debts, they must be paid from that share first.

Your birth certificate is worth billions pay off your debt

The truth is that birth certificates cannot be used to make purchases or to request savings bonds that the government purports to hold. Also, the term “Exemption Account” is misleading; these are fictional accounts that do not exist in the Treasury system.
This scam’s most popular story goes like this: The federal government went bankrupt when the United States abandoned the gold standard in 1933. The government became a corporation (sometimes referred to as a “Government Franchise”) with the assistance of the Federal Reserve Bank, converting the bodies of its citizens into capital value, allegedly by trading the birth certificates of U.S. citizens on the open market and turning each citizen into a corporate asset (sometimes referred to as a “Strawman”) whose value is regulated by the government.
These websites and videos claim that your birth certificate bond will wipe out all of your debts or assist you in collecting funds/securities. Some websites even sell instructional videos, webinars, and coaching on how to do it. By employing these strategies, no one has benefited from the Treasury Department. Scammers, on the other hand, plan to profit from this story by selling their fake goods.

Wipe out debt with birth certificate

The redemption movement is a debt-resistance and fraud scheme that is largely active in the US and Canada.

Your birth certificate is worth billions pay off your debt

[1] Participants assert that at birth, a secret fund is created for each person, and that there is a method for “redeeming” or reclaiming this fund to pay bills. Acceptance for value (A4V), Treasury Direct Accounts (TDA), and secured party creditor kits are all common redemption schemes.
Despite the fact that the movement has had a following since the 1990s, its hypotheses are baseless and unfounded. Participants in redemption schemes, particularly those who spread them to others, may face criminal charges and imprisonment. Several government agencies have issued warnings about redemption schemes’ fraudulent nature.
Posse Comitatus, an American right-wing populist group founded in 1969 by leaders of the white supremacist Christian Identity sect, has spawned the redemption movement. Income tax, debt-based currency, and debt collection were all condemned by the Posse as tools of Jewish control over the country. [4] During the 1970s and 1980s, it found an audience among farmers who were affected by an agricultural recession. Roger Elvick, a former North Dakota farmer who had lost his farm in a business deal, was one of his supporters. (5) [6] He went on to become the national spokesman for the Committee of States, a Posse successor group that was openly defying tax officials. [7] Elvick urged people to claim large refunds and information rewards from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and then pay their debts with “sight drafts” (worthless checks) issued by his own company, Common Title Bond & Trust. Elvick and some of his accomplices were indicted and imprisoned as a result of their actions. [eight] [nine] [nine] [nine]

How to use your birth certificate and ss card

The birth certificate’s statistics section contains information about the parents’ education, socio-demographic data, and prenatal history. The statistics section enables health officials to identify regional health issues and provides information on maternal and infant health. It enables us to spot public health issues like teen pregnancy, birth defects, and HIV. It is used to calculate how much money the government spends on public health. It also aids in determining which government programs, such as the Abstinence and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, Headstart, and Children with Special Healthcare Needs, receive priority funding.

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