How to get money from your birth certificate

How to get money from your birth certificate

The truth about your u.s. and canadian birth

Consider limiting your request to a particular time period to minimize the risk of it being denied because it would be too expensive to respond to. (For more information on making responsible and successful requests, see this page.)
I’m hoping you can explain some information that I’ve gleaned from a variety of sources in a variety of countries, all of which make the same claim. Of course, my request is only for the United Kingdom and its dependencies.
1) Could you please confirm that a Birth Certificate, Certificate of Live Birth, or any other document produced from information given either by the parents of a child or under section 17(2) of the Registration of Births, Marriages, and Deaths Act (Scotland) contains no bond, gilt, or other form of valuable consideration:
2) I see that you provide information about the numbers on the Birth Certificates that was not requested. I’m assuming you (or your office) have dealt with similar requests for information before. Can you confirm that this is the case, and if so, have you used a scripted response?

Legal information : where to get a copy of your birth certificate

For births that occurred in Contra Costa County this year and last year, the Contra Costa County Vital Registration Office will provide certified copies. Prior to that, birth records can be obtained by calling the Clerk-Recorders Office at 925-335-7900 or visiting
The applicant must pay the fee for any birth certificate search in advance, regardless of whether the certificate is found or not. All requests for copies of Vital Registration must be accompanied by a certified copy fee. Requests that do not include the correct fee will be returned to the sender. Payable to Vital Registration with a personal check, mail money order, or bank money order. Cash should not be sent. If no record is found, we will issue a Certificate of No Public Record and, in accordance with State law, keep the fee for the search.

The purpose of a birth certificate

Certified copy requests, updates, and corrections are still being processed by mail.

Busting myths: “pay off debt – your birth certificate is worth

For birth and death records, you can also request certified copies of vital records online through our approved third-party vendor VitalChek or go to your local county office. Before visiting your county office, it is highly advised that you call first.
When amending birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificates, the Office of Vital Records must obey Tennessee law.
The accuracy of the certificates issued by this office is critical to both us and you. As a result, each request is given special consideration.
In most cases, the documentation mentioned in the frequently asked questions is sufficient to make the requested change. However, there may be times when we need additional information. We recognize the importance of each and every request, and we work hard to fulfill them as soon as possible. Please be patient, as some amendment requests may take up to 10-12 weeks to complete.
The amendment of a birth certificate due to gender reassignment surgery is not permitted under Tennessee law. If a mistake was made on the certificate when recording the child’s sex, please send the following to this office:

What is redemption? what is wealth? redeem the birth

The truth is that birth certificates cannot be used to make purchases or to request savings bonds that the government purports to hold. Also, the term “Exemption Account” is misleading; these are fictional accounts that do not exist in the Treasury system.
This scam’s most popular story goes like this: The federal government went bankrupt when the United States abandoned the gold standard in 1933. The government became a corporation (sometimes referred to as a “Government Franchise”) with the assistance of the Federal Reserve Bank, converting the bodies of its citizens into capital value, allegedly by trading the birth certificates of U.S. citizens on the open market and turning each citizen into a corporate asset (sometimes referred to as a “Strawman”) whose value is regulated by the government.
These websites and videos claim that your birth certificate bond will wipe out all of your debts or assist you in collecting funds/securities. Some websites even sell instructional videos, webinars, and coaching on how to do it. By employing these strategies, no one has benefited from the Treasury Department. Scammers, on the other hand, plan to profit from this story by selling their fake goods.

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