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Heat certificate

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The PCE-330 is a heat stress meter or hygro-thermometer that measures ambient temperature and relative humidity using a quick-response sensor. The dew point temperature is also determined by this multipurpose handheld device. This data-logging indoor air quality (IAQ) meter has a large internal memory with storage for up to 16,000 recorded values and an easy-to-read dual display. The recorded data can be transferred to a PC for further analysis using the included Windows-compatible software and USB cable.
The PCE-330 is ideal for long-term IAQ tracking and data collection in the environment. This heat stress meter/thermometer combo can be used to ensure the cold chain’s integrity when transporting and storing refrigerated food and pharmaceutical products. This flexible meter is ideal for assessing the performance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in industrial, commercial, and residential properties because it is compact and portable. – Temperature and relative humidity are measured by a quick-response sensor.

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In high school football, exertional heat stroke is the leading cause of preventable death. This course has been designed to provide the fundamentals of a robust heat acclimatization plan as well as guidelines for limiting activities to account for changing environmental conditions and other contributing risk factors to help you reduce the risk of heat illness at your school. It emphasizes the importance of having a good hydration plan in place and having an Emergency Action Plan in place in the event of a suspected exertional heat stroke.

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The AHRI Product Performance Certification Program is a voluntary program administered and regulated by AHRI that ensures that different types of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and water heating products perform as advertised. Products certified through the AHRI Product Performance Certification Program are consistently tested by an independent third–party laboratory contracted by AHRI to assess the product’s ability to adhere to one or more product rating standards or requirements, at the direction of AHRI.

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Container loading – palletized and general cargo, as well as special consignments that necessitate the preparation and manufacturing of packaging material made of wood and metal, as well as professional fastening and fixation against container movement (vehicles, machinery, pipes, rails, gearboxes etc.). Fumigation (heat treatment) of palettes and all materials subject to this duty during transportation to such (ii) have been produced by a production process that includes appropriate measures to minimize contamination of hides and skins, preparation of hides and skins by brining, liming, and intensive washing, followed by exposure of the material to a pH of more than 11 for a period of time (1) This section applies to hot or cold fabricated seamless pipe elbows from stainless austenitic steels with an outside diameter of 80 mm or greater and a wall thickness of 50 mm or less, and in particular, pipe elbows that are solution annealed and quenched after heat treatment. www.kta-gs.de

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