Hartford birth certificate

Hartford birth certificate

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We have microfilm copies of most cities’ vital records from colonial times to around 1900 at the Connecticut State Library. For more information on the microfilms we have, see our publication “Connecticut Town Guides,” which is linked below.
Beginning in 1897, copies were sent to the Vital Records Division of the State Department of Public Health.
Please contact the municipality or the Department of Public Health to request a copy of a current or 20th century birth, marriage, or death record.
Yes, indeed. Due to privacy concerns, Connecticut law restricts access to birth records that are less than 100 years old. The Connecticut Vital Records Access Laws, Sections 7-51 and 7-51a, provide more information. The following link will take you to a list of Genealogical Societies that are allowed to do business in Connecticut.

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Certified copies of birth certificates should be requested from the vital records office in the city or town where the person was born, or where the mother resided at the time of the birth. For town contact information, go to the CT DPH website and look for a link to the CT Town Clerk and Registrar Directory. Certified copy requests can also be sent to the State Vital Records Office.
Observations: Any request for a birth certificate must include a copy of a valid, government-issued photographic identification, such as a driver’s license. If you don’t have a photo ID, photocopies of two other forms of identification may be accepted. Please visit the Connecticut Department of Public HealthExternal website at Vital Records for more information about ordering vital records from CT, or call a Customer Service Representative at 860-509-7897 between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm EST.
Payment must be made in the form of a check or money order made payable to the respective town or city for requests sent to the town of the vital event. A postal money order made payable to the Treasurer, State of Connecticut, is required for requests sent to the State Vital Records Office.

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Replacing a critical document can be a daunting task. You’ll need a replacement copy of your state Connecticut birth certificate if you’ve misplaced it or it’s been damaged. Complete our online form for the state where you were born and follow the detailed instructions we provide with your application form to replace your birth certificate.
A birth certificate is a vital document that allows you to prove your identity, age, and citizenship in the United States, particularly when applying for a passport, government benefits, school enrollment, or military service. If you need an authorized copy, go to the state where you were born or directly to the county where you were born and make your request.
To obtain a certified copy of your Connecticut birth certificate, please fill out our online form and follow the personalized instructions we provide.
Only the state where the event happened will provide you with a certified copy of your birth certificate. If you were born in Connecticut, you may request a copy of your birth certificate. You can get a certified copy of the birth certificate from any town vital records office or the State Vital Records Office for births that occurred after 2003. Only the vital records office of the town where the birth occurred, or the town of the mother’s residence at the time of birth, or the Connecticut Vital Records Office can provide copies of births prior to 2003.

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Fill out this form to let us know you’re interested in receiving the vaccine from the Hartford Health Department. Residents of Hartford who are 55 and older are currently eligible. Please assist all of our seniors by completing this form for a 55-year-old family member or neighbor.
Births, civil unions, deaths, and marriage certificates for incidents that occurred only in the City of Hartford from 1852 to the present are on file at the Hartford Bureau of Vital Records. Please contact the municipality of incidence for a copy of your record if the event did not occur in Hartford.

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