Harper college certificate programs

Harper college certificate programs

Veterinary assistant certificate: harper college student

This 21-credit-hour certificate is for those considering a career in insurance or who are already working in the industry and want to improve their skills and expertise in property, liability, commercial, and personal insurance. The certificate will provide students with a foundation in insurance principles and will allow them to obtain industry certification as they progress through the program. It will also serve as a stackable credential for the AAS-Business Administration degree with an Insurance concentration.
Description: Provides students with a foundation in basic accounting procedures for both service and merchandising companies, including changes, financial statement preparation, and closing procedures, using the accounting cycle. Reconciliation of bank statements, petty cash, and fraud and internal control examinations are also included. This non-transfer course is designed for students who plan to take accounting for only one semester or who need further preparation before enrolling in ACC 101.

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Students will be eligible for the Illinois ECE Credential Level 3 after completing this 30-credit-hour program. Students must fill out an Illinois Gateways application. This certificate program meets the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services’ minimum educational requirements for an early childhood teacher with one year of experience in a licensed center.
The basic values, structure, organization, and programming of early childhood care and education are all covered in this book. Examining the student’s personal characteristics in relation to the field’s expectations. Observation with a purpose in a variety of programs and contexts. An observation period of fifteen (15) hours is required. (NOTE: Prior to observation, the program’s health criteria must be met.)
The book gives an overview of the principles that go into developing, implementing, and assessing developmentally appropriate curriculum. Lesson plans, evolving curriculum, scheduling, room arrangement, materials and equipment; individual, small and large group activities; short and long-term goals; and teacher roles and responsibilities in curriculum development are among the topics covered. It is necessary to observe for three (3) hours.

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NOTE: This certificate is in the process of being renamed (Social Media Specialist) and having its program specifications changed, which could happen in Spring 2021. For more information, please contact the program organizer. This 18-credit certificate program is for those who want to learn basic social media and internet marketing skills that can be applied to any entry-level marketing position, as well as those who want to run social media marketing campaigns for their new businesses. A specialized study area for eMarketing is included in the Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration. If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in this field, look up Business Administration in this section of the catalog.
The benefits and drawbacks of entrepreneurship, as well as the principle to new venture process, are investigated. Analyzes common business mistakes and focuses on strategic management. Examines issues such as company ownership and franchising, pricing strategies, finance, location selection, and human resource management. Personal leadership characteristics are discovered. Examines one’s own business mentality.

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This 21-credit-hour certificate program is for students interested in learning more about the qualifications and requirements for entry-level to mid-management positions. A specialized study area for Management is included in the Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration. If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in this field, look up Business Administration in this section of the catalog.
This course is only offered during the spring semester. Examines the effect of past and current employment rules in the United States on employers and workers. Creates an understanding of the law’s rights, responsibilities, and obligations for both employment groups.
The nature of business and the environment in which it operates are introduced. Introduction to the operational and supporting aspects of business operations, management, marketing, accounting, statistics, business law, finance, investments, insurance, and labor-management relations.

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