Graduate certificate in information technology

Graduate certificate in information technology

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Examine the field of information technology. Whether you’re interested in information systems, software engineering, multimedia, or telecommunications, the Graduate Certificate in Information Technology will give you a strong foundation in the technologies and theoretical concepts involved. Depending on the previous experience of individual students, different levels of entry are available. The program offers opportunities for seasoned IT professionals to improve and apply their skills within emerging technology-driven growth areas such as IT, communications, enterprise, and entrepreneurship, in addition to providing foundation IT skills for newcomers with limited IT experience. Why should you study with us?
Download a program plan to learn more about the structure of your degree and the classes you’ll take.
New students would benefit from these program plans. Current students should consult the program handbook for the plan that applies to the year they started.
You’ll be able to hit the ground running with your newly acquired specialist expertise thanks to the versatility of tailoring your Graduate Certificate of Information Technology to best suit your career development needs.
Your career options are very varied, with entry-level career paths such as:
You will also have the option to continue your education by pursuing a Master of Information Technology degree (MIT). You can articulate into this program with credit for the four Graduate Certificate courses you’ve already completed.

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The Graduate Certificate in Information Technology is a prerequisite for the Master of Information Technology, which is a specialty qualification. The Graduate Certificate will give you an overview of key information technology concepts. You’ll be prepared to advance your career with a postgraduate degree that will increase your professional recognition and marketability. The Master of Information Technology is based on the Graduate Certificate in Information Technology.
In addition, an applicant must follow the Admission to Coursework Programs Policy.
An applicant must have completed the following prerequisites in order to be considered for admission to the course:
a. An Australian Bachelor’s degree in any discipline; orb. At least two years’ experience in a related role in the industry.
The English Language Proficiency requirements for international students are outlined in the Admission to Coursework Programs Policy.
Notice of disclaimer:
Essential components of a course or unit demonstrate the capabilities, expertise, and skills required to achieve the course’s or unit’s core learning outcomes. To complete your course, you must be able to meet these inherent requirements. Learn more about the course’s inherent requirements and how they affect you.

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Beginning in Semester 1, 2021, students will be able to study this course remotely. Please keep in mind that some units of study that aren’t required for the degree may not be available for distance learning.
If you want to continue your education, earning a credit average on the Graduate Certificate in Information Technology may qualify you for admission to the Master of Information Technology or Master of Information Technology Management programs.
For those enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology or Master of Information Technology, our Graduate Certificate in Information Technology will revert to an exit award only in 2021.
Students who want to get a Graduate Certificate in Information Technology can apply for a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology or a Master’s degree in Information Technology.
The Graduate Certificate in Information Technology is only awarded to those who have completed the first 24 credit points of one of the two degrees listed above and have chosen to leave the program early.

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Perhaps you’re a recent IT graduate who doesn’t want to commit to a full master’s degree program just yet. Maybe you already have a master’s degree and want to branch out into a new field like Cybersecurity Policy.
To be considered for admission, certificate-only applicants must have a 3.0 GPA from a regionally accredited university. Due to their non-degree status, certificate-only students are not eligible for financial assistance. For more information, visit our Admissions – Graduate Certificates page.
The Graduate Certificate in Big Data is intended to teach students the fundamentals of “big data,” including how to create and analyze large-scale data sets (larger than 1 terabyte) that can’t be analyzed using traditional computer programs and techniques. Students will learn how to use object-oriented programming to handle data sets (e.g., Java). Students will also learn how to program computers to recognize patterns in social media data and forecast future outcomes using computational models and algorithms (i.e., machine learning). Graduates will be able to: 1) program computer software to analyze social media data, 2) input data into computer programs, and 3) interpret the results of computer analysis.

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