Graduate certificate in entrepreneurship

Graduate certificate in entrepreneurship

Graduate certificate in business overview

This is one of three graduate degrees offered as part of the Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship degree program (C04304). It’s for students who have a well-thought-out business idea and want to learn how to turn it into a commercial or social enterprise. Students can enroll in this program immediately or after completing the Graduate Certificate in Commercialization (C11251). Before taking an experiential learning subject in which they work on another entrepreneurial venture to apply their skills, students must complete the core subjects as well as subjects related to leadership, people management, start-up systems, and intellectual property. This course is beneficial to students with business ideas who want to improve their entrepreneurship skills and expertise. Students have access to non-award-based seminars and events with entrepreneurs and other related industry practitioners, which complement their classroom research with reality and rigor.
The course is intended to provide students with academically rigorous but also practical entrepreneurship skills and expertise to aid the growth of Australia’s future entrepreneurs.

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a difficult but rewarding effort that is based on creativity and realized through sound decisions and strategies. This certificate program teaches advanced skills in a variety of areas related to entrepreneurship, including organizational behavior, large-scale entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, and corporate finance, among others. You’ll learn how to grow or transform your company and manage your entrepreneurial ideas from accomplished business experts. Through collaboration and hands-on projects, course ideas will be applied to real-world scenarios. You’ll Discover Prerequisites for obtaining the certificate
Tuition is calculated based on the number of units you enroll in. For more information, go to our Tuition & Fees page and look up Graduate Course Tuition. Time to Finish Your Certificate Students typically complete the certificate in 1 to 2 years. Questions? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Stanford ignite: certificate program on innovation and

Examine and debate entrepreneurship, enterprise, creativity, and leadership ideas. Learn how to use an entrepreneurship mindset to support your career growth, personal goals, and expectations by gaining a better understanding of your own potential. While entrepreneurship is often associated with the start-up process, risk, and venture creation, this degree focuses on entrepreneurialism, or the spirit or intention to act in an enterprising or entrepreneurial manner. This may entail starting a new business or venture, but it also encompasses a broad view of how an enterprising mindset and skillset can be useful in the workplace or as a contributing member of society. Share your expertise and become a part of a global community that will push you to question your assumptions about business and entrepreneurship.
There are currently no openings in this program. Please note that since this course is offered in collaboration with Coventry University, it follows the UK academic calendar, which has three intake periods per year. International students studying onshore in Australia are not eligible for this course.

About the course – graduate certificate of business

Students will graduate with the skills to become an entrepreneurial manager of a new or established company, as well as the opportunity to gain skills and expertise. The course is also appropriate for those who have some work experience but no formal university credentials. In workshops, debates, and assigned project work, participants are exposed to relevant theory and expertise in each area, and learning is consolidated through research and case study material. Through the application of best practice techniques of entrepreneurship, innovation, and new product development, students will learn how to deal with uncertainty, handle innovation, and grow the business.

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