Graduate certificate in business analytics

Graduate certificate in business analytics

Graduate certificate in business analytics wollongong

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics is designed for students who are currently employed in business and want to gain a better understanding of how analytics can help them make better decisions in the workplace, regardless of their position. They will be taught how to build an exploratory mentality in order to explore business opportunities methodically and communicate complex data.
Students will be eligible for up to four subject credits into recognized postgraduate courses in Australia that specialize in business analytics or have space for unspecified electives after completing the course.

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You can study around your work and life obligations using a combination of online learning and face-to-face classes. After graduation, you’ll be able to pursue a career in business analytics or continue your education at a higher level.
Four courses – two mandatory and two electives – will help you improve your specialization. You’ll learn about business analytics and analytic processes before tailoring your expertise to your specific interests and career objectives.
Data analysis, information technology infrastructure, social media, and risk decision analytics are among the ten electives available. For more information, see the degree structure.
Your practical skillsets may include the ability to data mine, generate visual analytics, and efficiently use databases, depending on the electives you select. SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Text Miner, SQL, Hadoop, and other tools could be learned.
Professionals who understand data analysis and information systems are in high demand in the industry. Your Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics will help you advance in your career right away by giving you the skills and insights you need.

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The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics equips you with the practical business analytics skills you’ll need to succeed in this rapidly evolving field. You’ll gain strategic insight and hands-on experience that will help you harness data and increase efficiency and decision-making in your organization, as well as improve strategic, tactical, and operational planning.
If this sounds like you, apply today on the Entrance Requirements page, where you can also learn more about the program’s entrance requirements and computing requirements for “Bring Your Own Device” students. This program has a high demand for seats, so apply early.
Consider the Certificate in Applied Data Analytics if you’re looking for an applied information technology program to learn how to manage data analytics systems and use IT approaches and tools to model and mine data.
Business analytics professionals work in a variety of roles, from tactical staff to senior managers with strategic responsibilities, and in a variety of industries and companies. Sales and marketing, finance and accounting, human resources, IT services and support, production and operations, customer service, and research and development are all in demand for analytics expertise and skills.

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Businesses need savvy leaders who can understand, interpret, and communicate data in their decisions in a world where more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated each year. Finance, health and medicine, general sciences, defense, agriculture, and cybersecurity are among the sectors where these experts are still in demand.
You will receive 48 credit points for successfully completing the Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics and may be eligible to continue your studies in one of the following master’s programs.
If you are accepted into one of the online master’s programs, you will receive 48 credit points and will be able to complete these online programs in 16 months of intensive part-time study.

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