Gold certificate seals

Gold certificate seals

Power embosser to seal diplomas, certificates & legal

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These American Eagle Embossed Gold Foil Certificate Seals will proudly display your patriotism. Diplomas, certificates, and awards will all benefit from the 2 inch round gold foil seals. The American Bald Eagle is expertly crafted on these beautifully embossed gold foil certificate seals. The gold foil seals have a serrated edge and come in a pack of 102. Most of our seals come on sheets with six seals per sheet, totaling 17 sheets.
Amazing gold foils, just as described. These gold foils were applied to my corporate membership certificates, and they really made the certificates stand out and look professional. The foils are also of exceptional quality, and delivery was extremely quick.

Ultimate certificate of authenticity – with custom wax seal

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In 1933, the United States abandoned the gold standard. The United States Mint’s gold certificates have become collector’s items. A gold certificate can cost anywhere from $10 to $200 or more on eBay, depending on its age, rarity, and condition.
Gold certificates are used to represent ownership of a certain amount of gold, similar to how stock certificates represent ownership of a company. Gold certificates issued by the United States served the same purpose. Furthermore, the certificates were worth the same as the same denomination in US currency from about 1879 until they were phased out.
It’s expensive to transport gold bullion or exchange it for goods or services. Gold certificates made gold ownership and use more available. Gold certificates are still issued to investors today as proof of ownership of the stated amount of gold.

What a gold treasury seal means on old currency

Gold congratulations award seals are perfect as stickers to recognize outstanding homework assignments and add dignity and dazzle to any award or certificate.

North africa yellow seal silver certificate 10 dollar bill

These congratulation embossed sticker seals are ideal for adding a touch of gold to any award or certificate. These high-quality gold award seals are also great as big reward stickers to recognize exceptional work or behavior. 32 congratulations embossed seals with 56 gold stars per pack in a large 2″ diameter size. Non-acid and non-toxic. Silver is also an option.

Embosser stamp on diploma certificate

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