Ghana marriage certificate

Ghana marriage certificate

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The Ghanaian court marriage process appears to be a topic that many people want to learn more about. People planning a wedding and students studying for a test are among them. In this article, I provide a brief and easy-to-understand outline of the Ghana court marriage process.
Let’s start by defining what a court marriage is. In Ghana, some people refer to a marriage that is contracted under the Marriage Ordinance as a court marriage. Many ordinary people refer to it as such, owing to the fact that it is a marriage arranged in a court of law. For them, a wedding is a church wedding officiated by a minister.
For the purposes of this article on the Ghana court marriage process, court refers to the marriage registry or any other location authorized by law for the purpose of contracting and registering marriages that is not a place of worship.
The Registrar General’s Department, Magistrate’s Courts and Circuit Courts, and District Assembly offices designated by law are all locations where court marriages are performed. The Registrar General’s Department, the head office of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, and the Madina Circuit Court are all famous marriage registries in Accra.

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Men and women aged 18 and up who are not closely related by blood or marriage may legally enter into a marriage under all three types of marriage (customary, Mohamedan, and ordinance) if other laws do not prohibit the relationship.
The parties to an intended marriage must show a national ID and must have lived in the district of registration for at least 15 days prior to the marriage’s registration.

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He clarified that the month of October 2018 saw the most registered marriages with 1153, and that out of the 916 customary marriages held in 2017, the month of May saw the most dissolutions with 27.
He explained that in order to obtain a marriage certificate under the ordinance marriage, the applicant must first complete a Notice of Marriage form, which includes information such as both parties’ names, ages, occupations, and addresses, as well as copies of valid identification.
“After completing the forms, you must return after 21 days, during which time banns showing your and your partner’s intention to marry will be posted on a notice board.” You will be asked to pick up your approved marriage license after the 21-day period if there is no opposition, he said.
Mr Akanni also revealed that the Assembly currently has a 300-seat conference room, 60- and 30-seat conference rooms, as well as a garden at city hall where marriage ceremonies could be officiated, and encouraged would-be couples to contact the Assembly if they wanted to use the facility.

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Check the additional criteria you must meet and the documents you will need if you are a Dutch national planning to marry or enter into a registered partnership in Ghana. If you live in the Netherlands, you must register your overseas marriage certificate or registered partnership certificate with your municipality in order for the information to be entered into the Personal Records Database (BRP).
If you want to marry or form a registered partnership outside of your home country, make sure it’s legal. Consult the international authority in charge of performing weddings and registering partnerships to find out. At a Dutch embassy or consulate overseas, you cannot marry or form a registered partnership. Outside of the Netherlands, you’ll need these documents to marry or form a registered partnership.
To marry or form a registered partnership in another country, you’ll need documentation.
The foreign authority that performs your marriage or registers your partnership will be able to tell you what documents you’ll need. An official copy of your birth certificate and a statement of marital status are two examples. A foreign marriage certificate or a certificate of registered partnership must be registered.

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