Geriatric certificate program

Geriatric certificate program

Geriatric certificate at idaho state university

The Graduate Certificate in Gerontology is intended for practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and sectors who want to learn more about gerontology and geriatrics, as well as specialized knowledge of aging and aging processes in their specific fields or professions. The student will complete the program’s required core curricula (6–7 credits). The remaining three or more elective courses (8 or 9 credits) would be chosen from a set of options.
The Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Law School Admission Test (LSAT), or any other graduate school entrance examination is not required for admission to the gerontology certificate program. Students must, however, meet all other admission criteria for the graduate degree from which the certificate curriculum is derived. Provisional admission may be granted to nondegree students who show the ability and desire to pursue graduate studies. With the exception of the JD program offered through the School of Law, nondegree course work that meets the course requirements of a graduate program within the University may be applied as advanced standing toward that degree.

Health care assistant (hca) certificate program – stenberg

The Human Services Certificate in Elder Care Services is intended for people who want to work in the field of gerontology and have a basic understanding of how to work with the elderly.
You’ll not only receive a valuable credential that will have an immediate impact on your career, but you’ll also lay the groundwork for your next degree by completing this online human services certificate. Certain Purdue Global associate’s and bachelor’s degrees accept qualified credits. *
The human services certificate program is for people who want to get into or advance in the field of gerontology. Working as a social and human services assistant in a variety of agencies, including federal, government, nonprofit, and private sector organizations, is one option for elder care careers.
Emsi provides data on the labor market, salaries, and projected growth. The range of average salaries is based on national statistics. Projected growth is based on your geographic location and reflects the estimated change in total jobs over the projection period (2018–2030) at the state level. Actual outcomes differ depending on the geographic area, prior work experience, and employment opportunities. Purdue Global makes no guarantees about job placement, salary, or advancement. Purdue Global makes no representations or warranties that the degree or any individual courses will lead to certification or licensure as a social worker or counselor in any particular state, and Purdue Global makes no representations or warranties that the degree or any individual courses will meet such criteria. For more information, consult the University Catalog.

Usc’s hybrid online geriatric masters and certificate program

Students can enroll in the gerontology certificate program to gain a specialization in the field of aging, which can be used to advance their careers in a variety of fields. The interdisciplinary gerontology certificate program provides a wide base of knowledge as it applies to the aging process, discusses topics of interest to older adults in today’s society, and includes a practice component in which students must apply theoretical knowledge in a community setting serving older adults. The program requires a minimum of 135 hours of service learning experience with older adults and covers biological, communicative, physiological, psychological, social, and health aspects of aging.

Uw certificate in gerontology

The University of Southern California, which is home to the world’s oldest and largest school of gerontology, the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, and ASA have partnered to provide ASA members with an opportunity to take online gerontology courses in a convenient, affordable, and secure format.
In the United States today, there are more than 46 million people aged 65 and up. The number of older adults is expected to rise by nearly 18 million between 2020 and 2030. This means that by 2030, one out of every five Americans will be 65 years old or older. Do you have a good understanding of this diverse and growing group? These 100% online courses will equip you with the knowledge you need to meet the needs of our aging population and ensure that everyone will age in dignity.
From the list of approved accreditation providers below, ASA/USC online courses are eligible for 10 CE credits. If your state or national accreditation provider is not listed, please confirm acceptance of one of the providers listed below with that provider or certifying association before applying for CE credits. Please see the list below for any provider-related notes or exceptions.

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