General business certificate

General business certificate

Nebosh unveils new-look general certificates

Case studies from real life are frequently used in business classes. Students hone their analytical and problem-solving skills by studying real-world business scenarios. They assess how companies have implemented their strategies. Appreciation
For wages and job growth data for a variety of business professions, go here (Link goes to Bureau of Labor Statistics page).
A list of business professions in different categories can be found here (Link goes to page). Average State Salaries

Business management | two year (four-semester) graduate

This program is intended to meet the career needs of self-directed, mature students who want to improve their knowledge and skills in order to advance their professional goals. All qualified applicants whose academic preparation and/or adequate work experience suggest that they have the potential to complete the program successfully are eligible to apply.
Applicants for Certificate Program admission should contact the Office of Admissions. A formal application is all that is required of matriculated students. After graduation, a student who has completed the requirements for a Certificate may not apply for that Certificate.
Admission to the Certificate Program is open to all applicants, both matriculated and non-matriculated. In order to continue in the Certificate Program, all students must keep a 2.0 GPA. Students must apply for the actual certificate after successfully completing the special curriculum requirements for a given program.
All credits received in a Certificate Program are transferable to an associate or bachelor’s degree program. A total of six credits can be transferred toward a certificate. Students pursuing a degree program in a related field are usually not allowed to use the courses they take in that program to fulfill the requirements for a certificate.

The new nebosh international general certificate from

For students whose educational goals can best be met by short-term focused study in General Business, the Lubin School of Business offers the General Business certificate program. The certificate programs’ curricula are based on Lubin’s undergraduate business courses. (These certificates are for non-degree undergraduate students.) See the Advance Graduate Program certificates for post-graduate students. Visit the Office of Adult and Continuing Education for professional certificates.)
REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION: Only non-degree adult students are eligible for the undergraduate certificate programs. With the exception of the certificate program in business studies, admission to the certificate programs in business requires junior standing (64 college credits completed) or the equivalent. All certificate programs in business require completion of ENG 101-102 or the equivalent. Some certificate programs have unique course prerequisites that students must meet. Prerequisites may be waived in exceptional circumstances for students who possess equivalent knowledge or preparation.

Introduction to studying business & management

This certificate is for students or professionals who want to jumpstart their academic careers without committing to a full graduate program. If you meet the following requirements and complete this certificate, you may be able to waive your GMAT score from your application if you decide to pursue a Professional MBA at CU Denver.
It is designed to provide you with a focused business background while also allowing you to quickly update your skillset. You’ll receive college credit for each course you pass, as well as a CU Denver certificate if you complete three. Working professionals looking for a part-time alternative would benefit from flexible schedules. The courses last eight weeks.
Complete three classes (9 credits), BUSN 6520 – Leading Individuals & Teams, BUSN 6550 – Analyzing and Interpreting Accounting Information, and any BUSN course numbered 6000 or higher, or any graduate-level course numbered 6000 or higher, offered by the Business School with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, to waive the GMAT after successfully completing the certificate.

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