Forged birth certificate

Forged birth certificate

Sheriff joe arapaio says obama’s birth certificate is forged

Consider limiting your request to a particular time period to minimize the risk of it being denied because it would be too expensive to respond to. (For more information on making responsible and successful requests, see this page.)
According to reports, a registrar was convicted for creating false identities for children, which entailed the registrar being given any surname and the registrar filling out the birth certificate, which appears to be illegal because he had a duty to request confirmation of a birth, along with an NHS number from the hospital where the child was allegedly born.
[1997] PC (Change of Surname) 2 FLR 730 – When only one person has parental responsibility for a child, that person has the legal right and authority to change the child’s name without seeking permission or consent from anyone else. When two or more people share parental responsibility for a child, only one of them has the legal authority to change the child’s name if the other parents consent or agree.

Woman discovers forged birth certificate (full episode

She is not entitled to any compensation because she obtained a forged birth certificate and tampered with the original D/L.

Woman accused of forging signature on birth certificate (full

26. In light of the foregoing findings, I do not…submit a Birth Certificate issued by the Mizoram Office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths to show that the deceased was born on 18.5.1982. Although this certificate was obtained after the accident, I have no doubt that the birth certificate was obtained after the accident, displaying a false date of birth in order to obtain an inflated compensation. In this way, the claimant had produced……date of birth is 24.9.1959 and who is the son of one Suganda Quensar Poinguinim, fraudulently obtained a birth certificate showing his name as Rajendra Ramchandra Petkar with Mohini Ramchandra Petkar as the mother and Ramcha…petitioners learned about the same in July, 2007 when the alleged fraudulent birth certificate was produced by respondent no. 4 in the case of Suganda Quensar The disputed Circular (6/74) is declared to be in violation of the express provisions of the law and of no…

Sheriff arpaio says obama’s birth certificate is forged

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Investigator mike zullo talks about obama birth certificate

A Singaporean businessman presented a forged birth certificate to an officer at Singapore’s Consulate-General in Mumbai, saying he and his wife were the child’s birth parents, in order to bring a gravely ill baby from India to Singapore for medical treatment.
The consular officer gave the child a Singapore document of identity instead of a passport, despite the fact that the document was fake. He became a Singaporean citizen on September 5, 2014, and arrived two days later.
After pleading guilty to one count each of offences under the Passports Act and the Singapore Constitution, the 46-year-old man was sentenced to four months in prison yesterday. He also confessed to attempting to pass a forged document off as authentic.
It all began in September 2013 when the man and his 35-year-old Singaporean wife, who had been unable to conceive, traveled to Mumbai for in-vitro fertilization (IVF). They met with another married couple who was a friend of theirs.
The eggs of A’s wife, identified only as “C” in court documents, and a donor were then fertilized by sperm from A and a male friend. On July 16, 2014, the eggs were implanted into a surrogate, who gave birth to twin boys.

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