Emergency teaching certificate pa

Emergency teaching certificate pa

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Note: The Guest Teacher Training is for those who choose to substitute in more than one or multiple districts. If you’re only interested in subbing in one school or district, contact that school or district to find out what their specific criteria are for becoming a replacement.
Participants must have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university and be able to work in a PA public school to qualify as a Guest Teacher (see PDE Form 6004 for list of exclusions). To receive an emergency permit, participants must be able to attend and complete all days of training.
The following school districts accept replacements who have completed the Guest Teacher Program. For information on the replacement recruiting process in the districts where you are interested in working, please contact them directly. You can also look up their replacement hiring processes on their websites, as many of them do.
In order to be issued a Type 06 day-to-day emergency replacement permit in Pennsylvania, a teacher of non-foreign language subjects (including “Guest” Teachers) must either be a US Citizen or a Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder). You will not be accepted as a day-to-day substitute teacher if you do not have a Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card). Furthermore, you must have your foreign credentials evaluated by an authorized agency to demonstrate that they are equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree in the United States.

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In all schools, Pennsylvania school districts are experiencing a shortage of certified people to use as day-to-day replacements. Intermediate Unit 1 has formed a partnership with some of our local districts to create an Emergency Substitute position to help solve this problem.
When applications for the training program are approved, Intermediate Unit 1 announces it on its website. The program’s requirements and application process will be included in the posting. In most cases, the program is held twice a year. The Human Resources Department reviews applications and contacts candidates who are chosen for the interview process. Following the interview process, candidates who are chosen as program participants are informed. Participants must attend all training sessions, which cover daily school tasks, reporting processes, substitute teacher expectations, educational strategies, classroom management (effective behavior strategies), and other relevant topics. Each individual must also complete two classroom observations and observational reports at their preferred educational level (i.e., elementary, middle, high school, or special education).

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Teacher Intern Certification Programs and the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence are currently recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as two alternate routes to teacher certification (ABCTE).
Program for Interns: You must have a bachelor’s degree in a field where the state offers teacher certification to be eligible for the Intern Program. You must also have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and at least 6 semester hours of college-level mathematics, semester hours of college-level English composition, and 3 semester hours of college-level English/American Literature. You can then participate in a Teacher Intern Program at a participating college/university and stay enrolled during your Intern Certificate period of teaching. You have three years to finish the program and obtain Level I certification.
ABCTE: You must have a bachelor’s degree and be seeking certification in one of the secondary (Grades 7-12) subjects listed below: English Language Arts, Mathematics, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. You’ll have a year to complete the educational requirements at Point Park University in Pittsburgh (currently the only participating university in Pennsylvania), and you’ll be required to teach full-time under a Temporary Teaching Permit during that period. While teaching, you will be mentored. Two continuing education seminars and two graduate level education pedagogy courses are among the educational requirements that must be completed this year. You can apply for Level I certification once you have finished the program.


Getting a teaching degree online is becoming more and more popular as a way to become a teacher. Distance learners pursuing a teaching degree are usually not required to commute to campus or attend classes at specific times each week. Students in most online teaching programs have more flexibility in terms of whether they need to finish assignments, read materials, and/or watch lectures. Learners can keep working full-time, avoid leaving their families and communities, and balance coursework with other personal commitments thanks to this flexibility. Online teaching programs, like traditional ones, require students to complete a student teaching internship, but this can usually be arranged and completed at a school close to their home.
For teaching licenses, each state has its own set of requirements. You can also get a PA teaching certificate if you plan to complete a teaching program in another state because Pennsylvania has reciprocity agreements with other states that accept teacher preparation programs. Nonetheless, it is critical to ensure that your teaching program is recognized as a legitimate one. Online teaching program graduates must also meet the state’s other certification requirements, such as passing required teacher examinations.

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