Data destruction certificate

Data destruction certificate

Er2: secure, certified data destruction

Wisetek is a nationally recognized leader in IT asset disposition services, with offices in the United States. Our clients trust us because we consistently provide the highest level of secure data disposal, which is backed up by data destruction certifications from all over the world.
We also provide robust certified recycling for old and redundant IT assets, ensuring that your old hard drives and storage media aren’t contributing to landfills and the growing e-waste crisis.
What makes Wisetek the best choice for ITAD security? We understand the growing need for data disposal security as an ITAD company with a global presence. To keep your organization safe and compliant, we offer hard drive disposal, hard drive degaussing, and other data destruction services.
Boost Data Protection Because data security is becoming increasingly important around the world, it stands to reason that your company should never put sensitive data at risk of a breach. By carefully and certifiably using hard drive disposal procedures designed to render data irretrievable, certified recycling removes a major source of data breach.

On-site hard drive destruction

Which approach is best for you to ensure the security of your data?

Full range of secure data destruction services | raki

When it comes to disposing of retired or legacy IT assets, EOL IT Services offers a variety of Data Destruction Services to keep your company compliant.

Shredding certificates of destruction: what they are & when

EOL ensures that your company remains compliant and secure by ensuring 100 percent data information security and certification to UK Government NCSC and CPNI standards, as well as certificated evidence of erasure and destruction for every hard drive or data bearing asset.

Avtel data destruction – hard drive destruction

Our services ensure that all sensitive data is destroyed, that industry standards are followed, and that a full audit trail with itemized reporting is provided from start to finish, ensuring that a record of all items shredded, erased, or degaussed, as well as where they came from, is maintained for your own internal auditing information.

Data destruction – comptia security+ sy0-501 – 5.8

All of our IT disposal services are WEEE compliant, which means they meet or exceed all applicable UK and European regulations.

Confidential paper shredding, waste dispoasl & paper

Physical Destruction on the Job

Hard drive destruction | hard drive shredding | proshred

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Electronic data destruction and recycling

At EOL’s facility, data is destroyed.

Datanuke – gdpr compliant data destruction solution

From mass erasure to public annihilation

Data destruction certificate online

What are the alternatives for data erasure that is secure?

Data destruction certificate on line

Proof of the destruction of confidential documents is required by law. A “Certificate of Destruction” can be used for this. Our article explains what it is, why it’s important, and how you can get one after you’ve used our shredding service.
The ICO recommends that when personal data is destroyed in documents, files, and electronic devices such as hard drives, the data processor (shredding company) provide proof of destruction to the data controller. A Certificate of Destruction verifies the specifics of the destruction and may be required for insurance purposes in some cases.
Both the data controller (i.e. a school) and the data processor (i.e. a shredding company) are protected by the certificate of destruction, which certifies that the material has been destroyed and disposed of safely. By providing a full audit trail, a certificate of destruction also guarantees GDPR and the new Data Protection Act 2018 compliance.
Topwood is an ISO:27001-certified information security firm, ensuring that personal data is processed and handled in a professional and compliant manner. Our personnel, technology, and procedures are all audited to ensure that personal data is handled safely.

Data destruction certificate of the moment

At the end of each project, Data Killers issues a signed and dated Certificate of Destruction. Our certificates are accepted throughout the United States and will suffice in any situation. If required, certificates will include a complete list of scanned serial numbers. Off-site and on-site shredding, hard drive destruction, degaussing, and all of our other services are covered by our data destruction certificates.
Our Certificates of Destruction detail what was destroyed, how and when it was destroyed, why we were certified to destroy it, and a compliance section. All of the rules and regulations governing data destruction are clearly stated in the compliance paragraph, including but not limited to:
Our services are used by both small and large businesses all over the United States. Banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, hospitals, medical offices, accounting firms, suppliers, technology firms, service firms, and a variety of other businesses use Data Killers. Because our Certificate of Destruction is nationally recognized and acknowledged across all departments, the federal government and a large number of state governments hire Data Killers to perform on-site hard drive shredding.

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