Chennai corporation birth certificate online

Chennai corporation birth certificate online

Online birth certificate tamil nadu chennai chennai

Users can use the Corporation of Chennai’s online service to verify or print their birth certificates. Users must enter information such as their date of birth, gender, and a verification number that appears on the screen. For each birth certificate, a computer-generated certificate with a unique registration number can be obtained.
The Land Records e-Services of the Tamil Nadu government allow people to view Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR extracts by specifying the district and whether the area is rural or urban, based on which, additional details such as Taluk, Village, Survey Number, Sub-Division Number in rural areas and Town, Block, Ward, Survey Number, Sub-Division Number in urban areas can be specified.

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“A new tab named ‘Child Name Inclusion’ has been created on to assist parents in including their child’s name in birth certificates,” said D Karthikeyan, Commissioner, Chennai Corporation, in a statement.

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He did add, however, that parents should upload their child’s name without making any mistakes because they will not be able to correct it once it has been uploaded.

How to download birth certificate online for chennai

It is understood that the civic body conducted a trial run in Adyar zone for a few weeks before implementing the facility. Previously, despite the availability of a provision to download birth certificates from the Corporation website, parents had to visit concerned zonal offices to include their names in the birth certificates. “Birth certificates (without names) are generated shortly after the babies are born using the registration numbers and details provided by the hospitals where the babies are born. According to the new system, parents must scan their ID proofs, such as Aadhar cards, declaration letters requesting the inclusion of names, and a copy of an online-generated birth certificate, and upload them to the Chennai Corporation website under the ‘Child Name Inclusion’ tab,” according to an official. On a daily basis, 300 babies are born in Chennai’s hospitals.

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The Greater Chennai Corporation (formerly Madras) is India’s oldest municipal institution, having been founded on September 29, 1688.

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Chennai Corporation offers a variety of online services through its official website, Residents of Chennai Corporation can take advantage of these services. In 2008, the Corporation simplified the process of issuing birth and death certificates by allowing birth and death certificate details to be verified online and printed or downloaded.

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Birth and death certificates can be obtained online at, which also provides the ability to register for Birth and Death Hospitals.

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Anyone can now search for birth and death certificates on the Chennai Municipal Corporation’s website, with only gender and one other criterion from registration number, person’s name, date of birth, place of birth, or mother and father’s names required to display the birth or death certificates of Chennai residents or those born there.

Chennai corporation birth certificate

(H/T to St Hill, who first reported it on NDTV.)
It’s unclear when the company began allowing anyone to search for these details, but online birth and death certificates appear to have been available since 2008 (!! ), when people could check and print their birth and death certificates.
A quick search of other metros such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Hyderabad found that only Kolkata and Delhi do not have an online process for birth and death certificate searches, while Mumbai and Hyderabad users could search for certificates using their registration number and year, ward, gender, DOB (a slightly safer alternative), and DOB and gender.
A random search for birth certificates with the date of birth of 4 January 2002 yielded over 100 results. Readers should also be aware that the website search considers the birthplace (home or hospital), so no matter where you were born, your birth certificate will almost certainly be found online. Furthermore, the website mentions that

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