Certified birth certificate california

Certified birth certificate california

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Birth certificates are not open for public inspection, despite the fact that vital records are public documents under California law. Requests for copies can be made by anyone, but only those who are authorized under California law can obtain authorized certified copies of birth records. Those who are not allowed to receive an authorized certified copy will receive one labeled “INFORMAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY.”
If you’re going to the Recorder’s office in person, don’t sign the form until you’ve submitted it to them. You must complete the sworn statement on the request form, sign it before a notary public, and have your signature accepted in order to receive an approved certified copy other than in person.
If you’re mailing your order, you’ll need to sign the sworn statement in front of a notary public, who will also need to fill out a Certificate of Acknowledgment. If you request an approved certified copy by mail but do not include a notarized statement, your request will be deemed incomplete and will be returned unprocessed.

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By amending the record, some erroneous information on a vital record can be corrected. A “Request to Amend a Vital Record” must be completed and mailed to the California State Office of Vital Records, or go to www.cdph.ca.gov to amend a record. There is no fee if the amendment is filed within a year of the event. If the event occurred more than a year ago, there will be a $23.00 processing fee. The State will mail you a new certified copy of the record once your request has been processed. The following agency has a form called “Request to Amend a Vital Record.”
Visit www.VitalChek.com to place an order. VitalChek is a private corporation that offers a secure Internet site where the public can order vital records 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All credit card transactions are subject to a $7.00 processing fee. You may also mail or fax your notarized Sworn Statement to our office when ordering an approved certified copy online via VitalChek. Without a notarized Sworn Statement, approved certified copies cannot be released. “Any certificate of acknowledgment taken in another place shall be sufficient in this state if it is taken in accordance with the laws of the place where the acknowledgment is made,” says California Civil Code 1189(b).

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The San Francisco Department of Public Health issues newborn certificates approximately 4 weeks after the birth date and for birth years up to 3 years old, as well as death certificates for events occurring up to 3 years ago.
This office is required by state law to provide two types of certified copies to requesters: approved and informative. Both are authenticated copies of the original document that our office has on file. Records and information are only available on certified copies of the record and cannot be obtained via fax, email, or telephone. Requesters for an authorized copy must sign a statement under penalty of perjury stating that they are a “authorized person” as defined by Health and Safety Code section 103526. (c).
There will be a non-refundable record search fee. A certified copy of the record will be released if the record is discovered. A fee is charged for each additional authorized copy. A Certificate of No Record will be released if the record is not discovered. Purchases can be made in person or by mail. We regret that orders for approved copies cannot be expedited. Please plan ahead of time.

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The Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk does not accept credit cards for online orders; however, you can process online requests through VitalChek Network, Inc., an independent corporation with whom we have partnered to provide this service. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover are among the credit cards accepted by VitalChek. In addition to the copy fee, all credit card orders will be charged a $9 special handling fee.
The fee is nonrefundable, and if the record is not found, a “No Record Statement” will be released. Unless UPS delivery is asked for an extra $20, credit card orders will be returned by regular mail.

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