Certificate programs houston

Certificate programs houston

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The University of Houston System Online Program provides accredited degree and certificate programs with the flexibility to assist students in completing an undergraduate degree, pursuing a graduate degree, or obtaining a certification for career advancement. Our online program has the same high-quality students, courses, and faculty as our traditional on-campus degree program.
Search for online programs offered by a particular University of Houston System institution, or browse an alphabetical list of all online programs. To find specific programs, select a university.
The University of Houston System (UHS) follows the same admissions process for traditional classroom degree programs at all of its campuses. Please visit one of the university websites listed below for more information on the application process.
With the permission of their academic department, an undergraduate student at any of the four UH System universities can take up to six (6) hours of courses toward their degree at any of the universities through the UHS Student Pathways program.

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HR Generalists Certificate Program

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Certificate in Strategic HR Leadership

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FMLA and ADA Compliance Certificate Program

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Certificate of Internal Investigations

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Certificate in Advanced Internal Investigations
Human resource managers are often faced with complex and difficult tasks at work. There are numerous workplace and employment rules that they must follow and comply with, which further complicates their work. You should enroll your managers in our HR Generalist seminar training program in Houston to ensure that they are up to date on the legislation.
Human resources experts can learn about best practices and techniques that they will use in the human resources department, in addition to learning about employment rules and how to deal with them.
Our three-day “Certificate Program For HR Generalists” seminar in Houston covers all of the general aspects that a human resources professional needs to know and be able to do well in order to succeed. It concludes with a certificate that can be added to resumes and demonstrates competence in the field of human resources.

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College certificates have become more prevalent in recent years, with an increasing number of people opting to pursue them. You’ve probably heard of a friend or two, if not three or more, who are getting ready to start a college certificate program. But why is that? They all have good reason to, but many people are still unsure what a certificate is and what benefits it offers.
A college diploma verifies your knowledge of particular skills, which are often in high demand in the workplace. A certificate, in essence, serves as proof that a student completed education and/or training in a particular field while enrolled in college. It would serve as proof that you completed education, training, and/or acquired skills in a very specific area of study or practice, depending on the type of program you were to take. Many college degrees, likewise, serve as general validation of school completion but do not have special workplace transferability. Many employers, particularly those in demanding work fields, value having these transferable skills.

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The HCP Learning Center offers a Certificate Program in photographic workflow and creative process. Students learn how to capture, edit, process, and present their images as part of the coursework, as well as how to improve their photography skills, creative processes, and presentation.
Completing a set of 19 courses (15 level classes + 4 electives from our normal educational calendar), passing a written test between levels, and submitting a final portfolio review are all part of the Certificate Program. Students can also specialize their certificate by taking four extra classes in specialized fields (or’Special Topics’) like Alternative Processes, Fine Art, Landscape, Portraiture, and Business Practices. It can be supplemented with electives in the same field of study.
Simply fill out the registration form and send it to our Education Department to enroll in the Certificate Program. Enrollment in the Certificate Program is free. Please contact us as soon as you are ready to take the first written test.

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