Certificate of partnership

Certificate of partnership

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As a record of the Amended Certificate of Limited Partnership, Partner is also liable. Certificate of Limited Partnership Amended The Partnership shall file a certificate of Limited Partnership for record upon the transfer or conversion of any General Partnership interest, and each Partner hereby agrees to execute such instrument if requested. Transfer of a Partnership Interest is Prohibited Unless otherwise specified in this ARTICLE 11, no Partner may transfer or dispose of any interest in the…

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Exhibit 3.66 SOUTHWEST STAINLESS, L.P. CERTIFICATE OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Southwest Stainless, L.P. (the “Limited Partnership”) has a certificate of limited partnership dated May 6, 1996, and its address in the state of Delaware is 1201 Market Street, Suite 1700, County of New Castle, Wilmington, Delaware 19801. Delaware Incorporators & Registration Service, Delaware to 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, DE 19808, and to change the name of the partnership’s registered agent in the State of Delaware at the said address to Corporation Service Company. THE UNDERSIGNED HAS SIGNED THIS AMENDMENT TO THE CERTIFICATE OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP OF SOUTHWEST STAINLESS, L.P. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, THE UNDERSIGNED HAS SIGNED THIS AMENDMENT TO THE CERTIFICATE OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP OF SOUTHWEST STAINLESS, L.P. Desiring to amend the Certificate of Limited Partnership of Southwest Stainless, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership (the “Limited Partnership”), the undersigned General Partner of Southwest Stainless, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership (the “Limited Partnership”),

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You’re signing up to mix your finances when you joined one. You both have to respond if the company is sued because of something your business partner does. Creditors and courts will reach into your personal assets to settle debts if you’re not careful.
The most basic type of partnership is a general partnership. It is not necessary to register a company with the state. The majority of the time, partners form their company by signing a partnership agreement.
That’s a lot of clout, and that also means a lot of shared accountability. Let’s assume there are three partners in a general partnership. One of the partners takes out a loan that the company can’t afford to pay back. The debt may now be held personally liable for all partners.
Limited partnerships (LPs) are government-approved corporate groups. They have at least one general partner who is entirely responsible for the company, as well as one or more limited partners who provide financial support but do not actively manage it.
Limited partners can share in the earnings, but they can’t lose more than they’ve invested, thanks to this silent partner limited liability. Limited partners may not be eligible for pass-through taxes in some states.

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Partner Interests in the Partnership as described above, each General Partner Interest having an initial purchase price of $5,000.00 from the Partnership. Each General Partner Interest is subject to the Partnership’s Agreement of Partnership’s terms and conditions, and is entitled to all of the rights and privileges referred therein. This Certificate’s sole purpose is to provide certain information about the ownership of General Partner Interests in the Partnership in a concise manner. All rights, obligations, and other attributes pertaining to the General Partner Interests mentioned in this Certificate are set forth in and governed by the Partnership’s Agreement of Partnership, to which reference must be made for description of such rights, obligations, and other attributes (including those relating to assignment and transfer). This Certificate is not valid unless it is signed by an approved officer of the Partnership’s Managing Partner.
Both the General Partner Interests and the General Partner Interests should be kept. In the event of a proposed change in ownership of your General Partner Interests, you must send this Certificate to the Partnership. Please return this Certificate to Mewbourne Development Corporation, Investor Services Department, 3901 S. Broadway, Tyler, Texas, for transfer purposes.

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