Certificate of origin china

Certificate of origin china

What is a certificate of origin?

Please note that on August 21, 2018, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine (AQSIQ) stopped issuing Certificates of Origin, though COOs issued before that date are still valid until they expire.
An exporter or manufacturer can also want to fill out a Declaration of Origin (DOO). For products protected by a ChAFTA origin advance ruling, a DOO may be accepted instead of a COO (see section on advance rulings on page 3 above and ChAFTA Article 4.9).
The exporter of a good must fill out a DOO that follows the template in Annex 3-B of ChAFTA [DOCX] (also available on page 21 of this guide). A DOO does not need to be certified by a governing body. DOOs are valid for one year and refer to a single shipment of up to 20 products.

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The Certificate of Origin (CO) is a document that certifies the place where export items are produced and made, as well as the nationality of goods in foreign trade. Import countries can have different tariff treatment based on the CO in particular circumstances. All exporting goods in China that adhere to the “Regulation of Place of Origin for Import and Export Commodity in the People’s Republic of China” are eligible for a General Certificate of Origin.
In international trade, countries from all over the world use import control measures such as various tariffs and quantity limits, which are carried out by customs, based on their own foreign trade policies. Importing countries seeking CO of goods from exporting countries has become commonplace, making CO one of the most important certificates in foreign trade. Its goals can be summarized as follows:
Currently, most countries apply various custom duty rates on imported products from different countries. The difference is often determined by the place of origin of the goods, while a CO is an appropriate certificate used by customs to determine tariffs and treatment. If there are any tariff agreements between governments of import and export nations that regulate Agreed Customs Rates in the form of terms, or that regulate the Most Favored Nation Clause in the agreements, buyers will always request sellers to provide effective CO to prove the origin of imported goods as the agreement-contracting country, in order to receive appropriate duty rate treatment.

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The expired certificate of origin indicates that they did not apply to the issuing authority during the time period for regular processing after the products were exported, and they instead want to apply for the certificate of origin after the deadline has passed. There are specific time limits for processing different types of certificates of origin, and they vary. Currently: China-New Zealand Certificate of Origin Type X (There are no certificate reissue rules in the China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, so the company must apply for the issuance of the certificate of origin before or after the shipment);
ECFA Certificate of Origin (Cross-Strait) (A certificate reissue duration of 90 days is permitted under the cross-strait economic cooperation framework agreement, calculated from the date of customs declaration of goods.)
Other free trade agreement certificates of origin have a one-year (or 12-month) period from the date of shipment of the products, such as China-Pakistan FTA certificates, China-Korea FTA certificates, China-Australia FTA certificates, ASEAN Type E origin certificates, General Certificate of Origin CO certificates, China-Iceland, Singapore, Costa Rica, and so on.

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